A Few Tips on Effective Remedies for Rosacea


For those how don’t know, rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that is associated with Celtic and Scottish women. It’s a condition that’s characterized by bright and flushed red skin with small pimples and bumps that are caused by the engorged blood vessels. Even though people who suffer from it can go to their dermatologists and get some antibiotics and lotions for treating it, these solutions just don’t yield the effects people are looking for. However, doctors themselves have no idea what causes this condition, but if it were to eliminate triggers like certain foods and sunlight and by also using certain home remedies, people can easily decrease their symptoms.

Avoid the Sun and Heat

The first step that people can take in order to make sure they decrease their flare-ups is to stay out of the sun. The bad news is that plenty of chemical sunscreens aren’t good for those suffering from rosacea, because it can irritate the skin even more. That is why individuals who are prone to this condition should stay as much as possible in the shade and if they were to use a sunblock, it should be a fifteen SPF cream or higher. It should also contain titanium oxide as its main ingredient. On top of that, people with rosacea should also avoid taking hot baths and going to saunas.

Change Your Diet

The NRS have come up with a list of the foods people with this condition should avoid if they want to prevent triggering flare-ups. Basically, they cannot drink alcoholic beverages, hot drinks, starchy, sugary and spicy foods. It’s recommended though that they eat vegetables, cold water fish and also fresh fruits.

Use Soothing Skin Products

Some remedies for rosacea that people can consider number facial cleansers that contain disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate or sodium lauryl sulfate. On top of that, products containing rose, chamomile or hazel will help with soothing inflamed skin. Eventually washing the skin with cold or cool water and avoiding sponges and abrasive skin cleansers is another way to ensure the condition doesn’t get any worse.

Try to Relax

It’s very well known that stress is one of the big factors that triggers the flushing symptoms and that is why individuals should make sure to reduce the amounts of stress they are subjected to as much as possible. It seems that some of the remedies for rosacea people consider in this regard number meditation, yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques.


It’s well known that vitamins will also help out people with this condition and by taking Zinc, Vitamin C, B12 and A, individuals will be able to fight off the symptoms very well. The effect of taking them is that they will strengthen capillaries, help the skin heal, create healthy skin, hair and also nails. More to that, people should also take a daily supplement of grape seed and flaxseed extracts, because they both reduce inflammation which is a major aspect of rosacea.

It’s recommended taking fifty milligrams of grapeseed oil extract and one tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day. With that being said, these are the main solutions everyone who is suffering from rosacea should consider. They will be able to thus reduce their symptoms and notice major improvements.


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