All about Rosacea – Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Countless medical conditions exist in the world today. Rosacea is among the endless list. It is simply a chronic skin disorder usually characterized by remissions and flare-ups. Observations indicate that the condition mainly after thirty years through to sixty years. Patients often have redness on their nose, cheeks, forehead or chin. Other parts of the body that may fall victim to Rosacea are ears, scalp, chest and neck. Over time, visible blood vessels may start appearing. There is also a tendency of the redness to become more persistent and ruddier. If untreated, pimples and bumps often develop. In addition to this, the nose can grow bumpy and swollen because of the excess tissue. The sad reality is that the exact cause of this skin condition remains unknown. The same goes for cures. However, natural remedies for Rosacea are available.

Before we look at the natural remedies lets first exhaust some possibilities that experts attribute to be the cause of the skin disorder. Top on the list is the intake of excessive acidic diets. Others are immune disorders, stress, helicobacter pylori bacteria, microscopic mites and blistering sunburns among others. Consequently, adopting some lifestyle changes would go miles in eradicating Rosacea. Some of the lifestyle cures include staying off the sun, avoiding hot baths, tubs and saunas, avoiding hot drinks and staying away from excessive hot, windy and cold environments. Others are avoiding clogging pores with astringents, heavy exercises, scrubbing the face, smoking and excess weights. Using natural mineral makeup for covering the skin, especially the red parts would also come in handy.

The lack of exact cause of Rosacea is partly the reason that the range of cures of the condition is minimal. However, individuals can do plenty to reduce or manage Rosacea symptoms thus ensuring the face remains healthy. It also ensures one is free from uncomfortable bumps, skin irritation and redness. A complete change to the eating habits is very important. In fact, researchers have on many times made it clear that we are what we eat. The health of the body depends entirely on what an individual puts in their system. Below is a look at some of the natural remedies for Rosacea.

Natural remedy #1 Facial massage

This is the topmost natural remedy. Simply put, a facial massage increases circulation throughout the facial skin. It also assists in the release of impurities and toxins. One can do it alone or with the help of a partner. Experts recommend the use of jojoba oil because it does not clog the pores.

Natural remedy #2 Facial exercises 

Facial exercise is very important. It restores normal functioning and goes miles to tone the skin. Individuals ought to do it regularly preferably fifteen minutes every day. The exercise helps get rid off the skin blemishes, rashes and acne that often plug thus bringing out an excellent natural face-lift within a short period.

Natural remedy #3 The use of non-toxic hypoallergenic products

Undoubtedly, not all skin care products are up to the required standards. In fact, many of these so-called magical products contain high amounts of irritating ingredients. The ingredients are very harmful because they can trigger an outbreak of Rosacea. Therefore, when shopping for skin care products, it is prudent to be extremely careful. Non-toxic hypoallergenic is the best for any type of skin. However, hypoallergenic products may also contain the harmful ingredients depending on the brand. Finding a safe skin product free from irritating chemicals and plant allergens can prove to be a difficult affair. Nevertheless, reaction free products exist and individuals ought to look for them.

Natural remedy #4 Jojoba oil

Rosacea in some cases can turn out to be quite severe. In such instances, it is more than recommendable to quit using all facial care products and adopt the use of jojoba oil. In this case, one cleanses his or her face with pure water then applies a drop but preferably two of jojoba oil as a moisturizer on the face. The best attribute about jojoba oil is that fact that it is an excellent soothing agent for irritated skin and Rosacea.

Natural remedy #5 Zinc Oxide 

This is another very effective natural remedy for curing Rosacea. It offers a great relief to the facial discomfort that Rosacea brings with it. Patients can use by itself or as a formulation mixed with other ingredients. Zinc Oxide is also contained in natural sunscreen products.

Natural remedy #6 Chrysanthellum Indicum Cream

There is no doubt that this cream is another effective natural treatment for Rosacea. It must contain extracts of the Chrysanthellum indicum herb. The compounds contained in the extracts strengthen the capillaries. The cream significantly improves symptoms of the skin conditions such as facial redness.

Natural remedy #7 Green Tea Cream

Green ice cream is quite magical when it comes to getting rid of pustules, visible blood vessels and red bumps. Experts recommend applying the cream twice a day for maximum results. Just like treating any other medical condition, discipline is paramount. Therefore, one must not get tired of applying the cream two times every day.

Natural remedy #8 Niacinamide Cream

As a vitamin B3 Niacinamide is a great natural remedy for Rosacea. It improves the skin barrier, moisture levels and reduces drastically inflammation. Individuals can use it as a cream or take it orally.

Natural remedy #9 Azelaic Acid Cream

This cream is derived from barley, rye and wheat. It has antimicrobial action that has a tendency of slowing down the growth of skin bacteria. It is also effective at getting rid of skin redness, pustules and papules all associated with Rosacea. Azelaic Acid cream also comes in handy in reducing burning, dryness, itching and telangiectasia effects.

Natural remedy #10 Apple Cider Vinegar and Digestive Enzymes

Apple Cider vinegar helps in the stimulation and release of digestive enzymes. It also helps normalize intestines bacteria balance. It is available in tablet and liquid form. Pancreatic enzyme supplements improve Rosacea symptoms.

The above are just some of the many natural remedies for Rosacea. Patients ought to try them. All the best in eradicating Rosacea.