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rosacea suffersAll over the world, there are Caucasian people that suffer from a condition called rosacea.

It can probably happen to people that are from a mixture of nationalities, but it is most notable with those that have light complexions.

You have probably seen individuals that have large bulbous noses, and become red in the face very easily. If they are in a high wind, in a hot arid climate, or if it is extremely cold outside, their face is likely bright red.

This is a genetic condition, one that tends to happen on a person’s face, although it is noticeable on their neck, their back and also their chest. It is thought to be caused by bacteria, causing a reaction with the capillaries new the surface of the skin, forcing more blood into them causing the red color to occur.

There is no known cure for this condition. In fact, the actual cause has never been identified. What has been determined are the symptoms that can occur, and treatments for the symptoms, helping people deal with this skin disorder. It is very common for inflammation to also occur when people have rosacea, and there are remedies to reduce inflammation that can be used.

Do You Have Rosacea?

stressed womenThe first question that you will want to ask yourself if you are wondering if you do have rosacea is whether or not your face becomes exceedingly red when you are stressed.

Emotions can trigger this condition, and will also cause your skin to become inflamed, requiring some type of topical treatment to get it under control.

The inflammation is thought to be the result of the excessive amounts of blood flowing through the capillaries, although bacteria may also be a culprit.

There are certain types of mites that might live in your skin, and as they breed and defecate, leaving feces in your skin, this is what will cause the infection and inflammation.

Demodex mites might be the cause of this problem, and antibiotics are often prescribed to get this under control. But to deal with the inflammation, certain anti-inflammatories may be prescribed by your physician, some of which may be available over-the-counter.

How To Avoid Rosacea Outbreaks

rosaceaIt’s actually very easy to avoid outbreaks if you have this skin disorder. It has to do with modifying what you do every day.

There are some things you can change, and others that you cannot, many of which will lead to severe outbreaks. For instance, if you are going on a vacation, and you will be in the sun, it is very likely that your rosacea will flare up in direct sunlight.

If you are planning a skiing trip, or you go to have a snowball fight with friends and family, the same situation can occur. Essentially, anything that is extreme that affects your body which can be physical and emotional, will lead to the possibility of rosacea outbreaks occurring, which means you will have to find something to resolve this issue once it occurs.

Best Anti-Inflammatory For Rosacea

There are both pharmaceutical and natural remedies for dealing with the inflammation caused by rosacea, as well as an anti-inflammatory diet. One of the best herbs that you can take for this condition is to add tumeric to the meals that you eat, an ayurvedic remedy that has been used for thousands of years.

spicy foodsWhat is interesting about turmeric is that it is a spice that is quite potent, and yet it is recommended that the diet that you are on should not have spicy food.

For some reason, this remedy has worked for those that have rosacea, and is recommended for those that have a great deal of inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

You may also want to add ginger to your diet, and also just try to relax as the more stressed that you are, the more likely this condition will occur very easily. This natural remedy for rosacea to control inflammation is the best that you can use.

One that is completely safe, and is highly recommended even over pharmaceutical or over-the-counter remedies. Hopefully by controlling your diet, your emotional state, and avoiding extreme environmental conditions, you will be able to keep this condition under control, and live your life primarily rosacea free.


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