Best Home Remedies For Rosacea Papules


rosaceaRosacea papules is a skin condition (almost similar to acne) characterized by facial erythema and pimples. The papules are red in color, with an itching effect at times especially if one is exposed to heat or direct and hot sun rays. The highest percentages of persons who suffer from Rosacea Papules have light skin and low on melanin count in their skin cells.

Persons who suffer from rosacea tend to be self-conscious and rarely interact with other persons as they are ashamed of their skin condition. The good news however is that, rosacea papules can be treated effective, hence no reason to hate your skin. Discussed below are some home-remedies that can help soothe, as well as cure this condition.

Natural remedies for Rosacea papules

1. Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera has many medicinal values and has long been used to treat skin conditions. Aloe Vera gel can be used to treat rosacea papules as it contains soothing agents and adds a moisturizing effect on the affected area. This is a great remedy on the red papules which itch every time, and will give a long lasting effect. For the best results, it is advisable for one to apply the gel 3 times in a day, and let it rest for 30 minutes, then rinse off. You can also look for lotions or shower gels with Aloe Vera as an active ingredient to speed up the healing process.

2. Primrose Oil: Rosacea papules redden and dry up due to lack of moisture on the skin, as well as flaccid skin cells around the affected area. Primrose oil comes in handy for this situation, as it helps offset dryness around the papules. This remedy can be taken orally as gel tablets. You can also apply the oil around the affected area to make the skin softer and moisturized. It is also advisable for the patient to apply primrose oil on a daily basis for optimal results.

3. Apple Cider vinegar:apple-cider-vinegar-stock-large Apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for rosacea papules and other skin conditions. The vinegar penetrates the skin especially around the affected area which creates a soothing effect. In addition to this, vinegar helps drive away free radicals and other dirty compounds from skin cells.

4. Use creams and lotions with peptides, vitamin C and the above mentioned oils and gels: If you cannot find any of the above mentioned natural remedies for rosacea, you can look out for creams containing the same. There are creams and lotions that have peptides, Aloe Vera gel and well as vinegar as active ingredients, and used for the treatment of rosacea papules, acne and other skin conditions. These lotions can be found from over the counter, though seeking a dermatologist’s advice first is recommended.

5. Take foods rich in vitamins, and use sunscreen:

zenmed rosacea system

If you live in areas where the sun is too hot, it would be best if you use sunscreen lotions to protect the skin against direct sunlight. This will aid in the recovery process of the papules. You also need to abstain from fast foods and consume fruits. Fruits contain anti-oxidants and vitamins essential for general skin health.

There are other modes of treatment that can be undertaken to treat rosacea papules. Although natural remedies may be the best to begin with, you can seek a doctor advice on the same. The dermatologist may prescribe an ointment or lotion which you can apply to treat the affected area.

There are advanced treatment measures that can be used to treat this condition such as Laser treatment and the use of antibiotics. All these depend with the type of rosacea, and what the dermatologist thinks is best for you.


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