The Best Types Of Moisturizers For Rosacea On The Face


rosaceaThe condition Rosacea is usually frustrating that starts subtly. It begins with redness of the face that starts along the nose and the cheeks. If this condition gets left untreated it usually worsens.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding the causes. However, there are prescription medications and skin care products that can provide a smoother, clearer and more even toned skin.

Skin Care Routines For Rosacea

If you are one of the many people that suffer from rosacea, it is advisable to follow specific steps along with rosacea targeted products in order to achieve a clearer complexion. With the right products you can improve your rosacea appearance and reduce inflammation, red bumps, oily skin, blackheads and wrinkles.

Rosacea Skin Care

-Eliminate any sensitizing or irritating ingredients

moisturizers-Include the types of moisturizers or products that soothe the skin and reduce redness

-Improve the cell turnover in order to remove dead skin cell buildup

-Protection from damage from the sun avoiding irritation

-Decrease wrinkles with the types of products that contain repairing and antioxidant ingredients

-Absorb excess oil on the skin

-Choose products with properties associated to barrier repair to assist the skin in building healthy collagen along with a more smoother surface

How To Control Rosacea

1.Begin with a water soluble, non drying, gentle cleanser and stay away from bar or soap cleansers

2.Apply an active sunscreen that only contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide with a SPF of 15 or more. Some sunscreens even contain essential healing ingredients like skin repairing and antioxidants

Research3.If your skin is combination or oily, use a light serum or gel moisturizer at night. Choose a formulation that contains skin repairing and antioxidant ingredients.

Serums that contain retinol are considered to be ok as research has shown that retinol has the ability to decrease the ‘inflammatory’ factors which contribute to the condition rosacea

4.If your skin is either normal or dry use a cream or lotion moisturizer that has a formulation of skin repairing and antioxidant ingredients

5.Use BHA (salicylic acid) exfoliant once to twice daily. The BHA eliminates flaky, dry skin, reduces redness and exfoliates the skin. BHA is an essential ingredient if you have rosacea along with blackheads or acne

6.Consult with your doctor on deciding the best type of prescription medication for your type of rosacea

Some of these prescription medications include Finacea, Azelex, Azelaic Acid, Renova, Tazorac, MetroLotion and MetroGel. All these types of topical medications should be used as directed. Make sure the skin has been cleansed before applying the moisturizer.

Ingredients To Avoid

The ingredients that can make the condition worse include the following:

RosemaryPlant extracts like rose, lavender, rosemary and cinnamon

-Synthetic fragrances

-Nearly every types of essential oil especially cedar, pine, peppermint, menthol, lime and lemon

-Alcohol that has been listed as alcohol denatured or SD alcohol

-Witch hazel

Products To Eliminate

When you suffer from a condition such as rosacea, it is vital to eliminate the types of skin care routines that can make the skin go redder or increase inflammation. This will include the following:

-Cleansing scrubs, bar cleansers, bar soaps

-Drying lotion or liquid cleansers

-Toners that contain fragrance or alcohol

facial brushesRough facial brushes or washcloths

-Abrasive scrubs

-Facial peels for home use

-Using various products simultaneously

-Retinol products can actually alleviate the symptoms related to rosacea

Signs Related To Rosacea

-A red flushing that occurs over the nose or cheeks

-Random, yet consistent and generally extreme sensitivities

-Acne like bumps with an underlying redness

-Flaky skin that can sometimes be oily at the same time

Nearly anyone is able to get rosacea. However, women with light toned skin are usually more prone to the condition. In every case of rosacea a combination of the right skin care routines and products are needed along with a prescription medication. In addition light emitting treatments can be used to control rosacea.

alcohol Always remember to use gentle products that contain very few ingredients and stay away from alcohol or chemically based products. With the right approach and the right products you to can enjoy a clearer, smoother complexion that is free from redness, flakiness and inflammation. Always use extreme care with all the products you try.


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