Blushing At The Breakfast Table: Is Rosacea Worse In The Morning?


rosaceaRosacea is a skin condition that affects many people, especially women. For people who have acne, maintaining one’s self confidence can be hard. Those who have rosacea experience the same self-esteem problems.

This is the reason why they would often search everywhere to find out the best ways to treat this particular skin condition. Most people with rosacea has trouble finding the answer to this question, is rosacea worse in the morning? If you’re also wondering about this, then it would help to find out the underlying issue that many people with this skin condition experience.

Understanding The Redness Of Rosacea

Rosacea is often associated with redness in the face. People who are in their 30’s are the ones who usually get this condition. Aside from redness, other symptoms of rosacea are red small bumps and gritty eyes. Severe cases can also result to the development of also rhinophyma, or lobulated nose. Various factors trigger this chronic skin condition, so it depends on the individual. Some people experience it after eating a particular food.

rosaceaThere are also individuals who get it after doing a certain activity. Based on the survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society, the most prevalent cause of this condition is sun exposure.

Keep in mind that the survey included more than 1,000 people suffering from rosacea. The same survey has also shown that emotional stress and exposure to hot temperature is the other leading causes.

Avoiding cold weather can help to keep your face safe from this skin condition, since it can also trigger rosacea. Eating spicy foods and marinated meats may also cause the occurrence of rosacea. There are also people who experience this after eating a particular fruit or vegetable. This only means that you should be careful with what you eat and where you go if you don’t want to suffer from this too.

Hope And Help: Treatments For Rosacea

The good news is that, rosacea is treatable. As a matter of there are various ways in treating rosacea. However, it would still be best if you consult your doctor for the appropriate medicines for you. Just keep in mind though that your physician can only provide you with the treatments for rosacea and not a cure for it. The treatments also differ depending on the problem you want addressed.

doctorFor the redness, antibiotics and skin creams are the most common prescribed treatments. If you are getting red and teary eyes, then you can try using eye drops or artificial tears.

Doctors often prescribe the Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, for patients who are experiencing redness because of small blood vessels.

For those who have lobulated nose, cosmetic surgery is often the solution. You can treat dry skin, on the other hand, by applying moisturizers or sunscreen.

It is important that you consult a health professional before trying out any of the aforementioned treatments. This way, you can rest assured you are using the appropriate methods for treating rosacea. This will also lessen the risks of allergy reactions, which you can get by using the wrong products for your particular skin type.

There are also preventatives that you can try, so that you can prevent the frequent occurrence of rosacea on your face. One helpful measure is figuring out the factors that trigger your rosacea.

Through this, you will be able to find out the things that you need to avoid. You can do this by keeping a journal and recording the foods, activity and emotions you feel every day. Afterwards, check your journal when you experience an outburst of rosacea.

The Question In Focus: Is Rosacea Worse In The Morning?

The answer is indefinite for this one. This is because there are some rosacea patients who experiences attacks at night more than in the morning. Many people usually suffer rosacea from the moment they wake up, until they go back to bed at night. For those who experience rosacea in the morning, experts suggest that you check to see if you are having an allergy reaction to your pillows and bed sheets.

rosaceaIf you are taking your medicines before going to bed, there’s a chance that your rosacea is triggered by the detergent you are using on your sheets and blankets.

With that, you might want to try using fragrance-free detergents when washing your bed sheets and blankets.

In fact, you also use the same kind of detergent when washing clothes and other materials that touches your face.

If none of the aforementioned solutions work for you, you may be wondering, is rosacea worse in the morning? For the best answer, consult your dermatologist right away. Doing this will also enable you to treat your rosacea effectively and efficiently.


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