Can I Cure Rosacea: A Question That Deserves an Answer


rosaceaRosacea is a long-term skin condition that you should never ignore.Otherwise, your face will suffer from redness and extremely visible spider-like veins.

In addition, blemishes may also be visible on your face because of this skin condition. This may distract you greatly, especially during parties or special gatherings.

This answers the question why it is important to learn what rosacea is, and exactly how to cure, or at least control it. You should be cautious in everything you do and in everything you take, if you have rosacea.

If you mistreat or leave this sensitive chronic skin condition unattended, you will definitely suffer from several consequences. It can stay with you forever. If you undergo with the wrong treatment, it may just worsen the condition. If you prefer treatment at home or in a hospital with your doctor, there are a lot of things that need considerations, of course.

Can I Cure Rosacea?

cure for rosaceaSince there are a lot of people these days who suffer from rosacea, too many questions are in their minds. Is rosacea curable without any difficulty? Can I cure rosacea?

Maybe, you are one of those people who ask these questions. The truth is, the right answer to these queries is still unclear to some.

It is maybe because medical experts are still ongoing in their scientific studies regarding this particular skin disease. The gathered facts are not enough to answer many of these rosacea questions.

The fact is, there are a lot of things that can make rosacea even worse. This is all because of the triggering factors. Some common factors that trigger rosacea are higher temperatures, alcoholic drinks, hot beverages, extremely tiring exercise routines and stress. Needless to say, it is important to remember all these triggering factors. In this way, you will never have problems with rosacea flare ups.

Even so, there is no need to worry, even though this skin disease has still no proven cure. Why is it so? It is because there are numerous ways to effectively control rosacea. Since you cannot be able to cure it, then why not control it instead. By doing so, you can effectively keep your rosacea from getting worse.

Some Effectives Ways to Control Rosacea

  • * cream for rosacea Medication – There are two ways for you to take medication for your rosacea. First is through skin medication. How does it work? What you need to do here is put a skin cream for rosacea treatment on your skin on a daily basis.
  • The second way is through oral medication. Oral medication is good for patients who only have moderate rosacea. Good example of mild rosacea medication is azelaic acid. It helps unclog pores and reduce redness. Moreover, metronidazole is extremely helpful in treating spots and pimples. If the spots and pimples are serious, antibiotics are what you have to take.
  • For moderate to severe rosacea or for individuals whose eyes are badly affected, a combination of skin and oral medication is good enough. You can choose between tetracyclines and erythromycin. Some doses of isotretinoin are also effective with severe cases.
  • However, keep in mind that there are medicines that may only trigger this skin condition. Hence, it would be best to consult your doctor, especially if a medicine you are taking is just making the facial flushing even worse.
  • * surgerySurgery – Rhinophyma is a rare case of rosacea wherein the nose becomes bulbous. For this case, surgery and laser treatments can help in trimming the excess skin tissues.
  • Laser treatments can also remove visible expanded blood vessels and reduce redness of the facial skin. Plastic surgery is a kind of treatment that repairs and reconstructs damaged skin and tissues. There are some other surgical treatments to remove excess skin tissue and remodel your nose to your desired shape; these treatments are scalpel, dermabrasion and carbon dioxide laser.
  • * Lifestyle – Of course, you will have to avoid lifestyles and environmental factors that can worsen your condition. You will have to use appropriate skin care. Camouflage make up will help a lot to disguise the redness of your skin. If you don’t have any idea what this camouflage make up is, you can always ask your dermatologist. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the right make-up that matches your skin type.

alcoholic beveragesYou will also have to stay away from alcoholic beverages, since these will cause your blood vessels to expand, unless you are ready to face the consequences.

In terms of hot drinks, let it cool down to room temperature, or just try the cold version of it. Moreover, you do not have to quit exercising.

You just have to exercise during early morning or in the evening when the temperature is cooler to avoid blood vessels from surfacing on your skin. When you go out in a hot day, bring an umbrella, wear your sunglasses and lighter clothes.

On cold and windy days on the other hand, you should wrap a scarf around your neck, put on a coat and a hat. These are the things that can help you manage your rosacea. Always adhere to these things and be worry-free from this horrible skin disease.


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