Can Laser Treatments Make Rosacea Worse?


Rosacea RednessAnyone that has ever had rosacea before understands how it can adversely affect your life.

If you happen to be with friends while you are skiing, and you are the only one with a bright red face, it can be a little disheartening.

The same is true if you are in areas where there is high wind, hot weather, or simply getting embarrassed can make your face brighter than everyone else’s.

This is the result of problems just below the surface of your skin, affecting the capillaries that bring nutrients to your skin cells, exacerbated by some type of inflammationIt is not known what causes rosacea, but what is known is that there are four different types

Each of which can be treated to some degree. One of the treatments that has been controversy a has been the use of lasers, and this article will address whether or not it will either help or make it worse.

A Quick Rosacea Overview

dermatologistsJust a cursory search of what causes rosacea, you will see that science has not yet found a cure. You will see many websites presenting ways to treat the symptoms of this skin disorder, and the different types of rosacea that exist.

For instance, papulopustular rosacea is a condition that causes what looks like acne, pustules and papules that can last as long as four days. This typically clears up on its own, and unless you actually see a dermatologist, it’s indistinguishable from acne.

Phymatous rosacea is another type of rosacea that is a little harder to deal with because it actually thickens your skin. It can happen on your ears, eyelids, cheeks, for Ed and even on your chin. It makes the blood vessels right below the surface of the skin very visible, which has led many experts to believe that the capillaries are responsible for the redness.

The same is true for ocular rosacea where the redness can cause inflammation, and even a burning sensation on or near the eyes, completely related to the capillaries right below the surface. Of all of these types of rosacea, erythematotelangiectatic rosacea is the most common, and it also has the most possible treatment options. One of those is the use of lasers in order to eliminate the rosacea, and this is how these lasers work.

Different Treatments For Rosacea Symptoms

men in stressTo understand how to treat rosacea, you must first understand that there are triggers which cause this condition to occur.

The triggers that are the most common are environmental factors, stress factors, and hormonal changes. It can also be triggered by the food that you eat, beverages that you drink, and the condition of your health.

Essentially, your sensitivity to any given situation is exacerbated, or at least looks to be so, due to the redness that will appear on your face. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid a rosacea outbreak is to lead a very balanced life.

Unfortunately for most of us, that is not possible, and therefore other treatment options must be examined. It is possible that this condition is caused by tiny little mites underneath your skin.

As they defecate, bacteria can grow exponentially, causing inflammation and push the capillaries closer to the surface of the skin.  If this occurs, you will not be able to eliminate the redness until you get an antibiotic that can treat the bacteria outbreak itself. One other way to treat rosacea is the use of lasers, a treatment that has a great deal of promise.

Laser Therapy For Rosacea

rosaceaBy using what are called pulsed dye lasers, as well as intense pulsed light lasers, studies have shown that this is a viable form of treatment.

It has even worked for rosacea that has caused pimples and bumps to appear, as well as diminishing the redness. This treatment works by actually injuring the capillaries that are beneath the surface of the skin.

When this occurs, and the blood can no longer flow into these areas, the redness will not appear. This is a questionable form of treatment because if you cannot get blood to your skin cells, it could cause some health issues.

However, the treatments that have been done have not caused significant damage at all, just a little bit of sensitivity, and many people that suffer from rosacea have actually found a cure.

Whether you have a very mild form of rosacea, or one that is progressively getting worse, causing slight deep formations to your nose and skin, you will want to get to a dermatologist as soon as possible to ask about the treatment options that are available so that you can get control of this condition.

Ask about laser treatments, and if they have had success with other clients that they have. If there have been positive results, and your rosacea was similar to the other people, you should be able to find some relief.


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