Can Low Stomach Acid Cause Rosacea?


rosaceaRosacea is something that is not new to us. In fact, large portion of the population does have this. Hence, most of the affected don’t have a clue that they are actually suffering from rosacea.

The reason behind is that some of the affected people think that the flush and redness in their face are just acne or a simple blush.

As a result, there is a delay in medical care, causing rosacea to worsen. Even though this disease does not pose serious health risks, a person should not simply ignore it. At this moment, there is no cure yet.

Though there are several treatments, still there are instances where flare ups can happen. This is one reason why people find this condition hard to deal with. The best thing that one can do is avoid the triggering factors. Before knowing the different ways to avoid rosacea flare-ups, it is better if we understand the disease first.

Rosacea Defined

Based on statistics, an estimated 14 million Americans are suffering from this condition. This shows how common this disorder really is. Rosacea chooses no age; hence, this usually appears later in life, around the 30’s or 40’s. Aside from that, people with fair skin are usually the ones affected. Another predisposing factor is the gender.

rosaceaWomen are more likely to develop a severe form of rosacea, where the nose becomes swollen and very red. Rosacea has different levels of severity.

During the first stage, the flushing is just like blushing; they may come and go. The red rashes are commonly seen in the nose and cheeks area, yet it can also be present on the forehead and chin.

Soon, blisters and pus-filled pimples that are alike to acne will emerge. The only thing that makes these pimple-like blisters different to acne is that there are no blackheads. Spider-like veins may also be present. These could be more obvious as time goes by, especially if there is no proper management taken.  On late stages, the surface of the skin will be rough, like that of an orange peel.

When exposed to sun, the redness and irritation increases. The sad truth about rosacea is that people tend to ignore the symptoms. It could be because the condition is not that alarming, it does not pose serious health risks. The only thing that made people decide to search for proper management is when the symptoms become obvious, affecting their appearance.

How Rosacea Develops

ResearchThe real cause of Rosacea is still a mystery. Yet, one thing you can be sure of is that this results due to a poor immune system. Having an infection increases the risk of having one.

According to some research, the root cause of rosacea could have something to do with gut problems. They believe that there is a connection between low stomach acids and rosacea.

Can Low Stomach Acid Cause Rosacea?

Can low stomach acid cause rosacea? This is one of the most commonly asked questions. After finding out the link between gut problems and rosacea, further studies were created.  It was then found out that rosacea is just one of the many symptoms of a metabolic acidosis disorder, causing the immune system to weaken.

When there the amount of stomach acid is below normal, this promotes the increase in the number of normal flora. Normal bacteria in the stomach plays an important role in vitamin K synthesis, but when normal flora exceeds its normal range, health problems come into play.

Know The Triggering Factors

alcoholThere are several ways to control the symptoms, as well as prevent future flare-ups.

Among the things that you need to avoid are foods that are too irritating to the stomach. Among these are spicy foods, hot liquids, caffeine and alcohol.

Aside from that, you should avoid eating foods with preservatives, like canned fish and processed meats. Citrus fruits, cheeses, tomatoes and chocolate are also included on the list of foods that you need to avoid.

Avoiding Your Rosacea Triggers

The first thing to do is know what your triggering factors are. People may have different triggering factors, given that our body systems are not the same. This could be a trial and error so, you need to take foods one at a time. Aside from that, you need to strengthen your immune system. One way to do this is by eating healthy food options and taking vitamins.

doctorStress does also have its impact on flare ups, so learn ways to manage your stress properly. Avoid going out of the sun. If you really need to, wear long sleeves, a wide-brimmed hat or an umbrella. You may also apply some sun block with SPF. Avoid using skin products with alcohol, as this may irritate your skin.

Now that you know the answer to the question, can low stomach acid cause rosacea, the next thing to do is avoid the factors that result in frequent flare ups.

Though your doctor can help you with some medicines that will provide relief, still you should also avoid your rosacea triggers. Be responsible with your actions now, to avoid suffering the consequences later.


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