Can Rosacea Affects Kids And Young Adults?


rosaceaWhen you see someone walking by that has a lighter complexion, but they also have redness in their cheeks, on their nose, or perhaps even on their forehead.

It is possible that this individual is actually suffering from a skin condition called rosacea.

It is very common among Europeans, considered a curse by some in Great Britain, cast upon the English and the Irish by the Celtic symbol. Despite this concept, it is a very real scientific problem that plagues many people.

It can develop into something far worse than redness, creating pustules and papules on their nose, deforming the appearance of their face. It tends to appear on women much more than men, but regardless of who has it, there is always a treatment option.

The actual cause of this condition is not actually known, therefore the treatments are applicable to the symptoms only. It also effects adults much more than children, but it is possible for young adults and kids to get this as well. This article will address rosacea, common symptoms and treatments, and what can be done if children develop this condition.

What Exactly Is Rosacea?

rosaceaRosacea is a skin condition, usually chronic in nature, one that will create redness on a persons face.

Although it tends to affect the skin that is over the forehead and cheeks the most, it can affect the eyes as well.

If you have European blood, there is the possibility that you may develop this too. In fact, the lighter your complexion, and if you have freckles, there is a high probability that it may be in your future.

It begins in the center of your face, moves across your cheeks, and then up and down sometimes affecting the entire area. If you do develop pustules are papules with pus oozing out, it’s definitely time to see a dermatologist. Before your condition develops into a rhinophyma, which will cause your nose to look lobulated, you need to look at treatment options.

Causes And Treatments Of Rosacea Today

spicy foodsThere are actually quite a few potential causes for this condition. It is actually activated by many different things.

If you eat a significant amount of spicy food, dairy products, and certain vegetables and fruits, you may notice that your face will become a red.

Medications can also make the condition worse, and high humidity levels can do the same. In fact, if you are out in the elements for quite some time, exposed to the sun and blowing wind in the hot weather, rosacea will definitely show up.

Treatments for rosacea include avoiding long-term exposure to the elements, and avoiding all of the aforementioned foods. If you drink alcohol, you should limit your consumption as this is one of the primary reasons it tends to show up. Many people believe, specifically dermatologist, that it is caused by tiny blood vessels in your face.

DoctorThat’s why some doctors will prescribe medication designed to lower your blood pressure. As your blood pressure diminishes, so also will the redness on your face.

To cure the pustules, you will have to take antibiotics such as tetracycline or doxycycline. The combination of all of these remedies will help diminish, or even eliminate, the symptoms of this condition, helping you to look less red on your face.

Rosacea On Kids

In most cases, even if children are from European descent, they tend not to get this condition until they are older. If it does appear on children, it typically affects their eyes, specifically the development of a stye. A stye is a painful lump that may develop outside or inside of the eyelid and is caused by a bacterial infection. The treatment for this would be the aforementioned antibiotics which will help the stye go way.


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