How To Choose The Right Doctor For Treating Rosacea


rosacea rednessIf there is persistent redness and swelling on your face, it is important to get in touch with your doctor and look for the right solution.

There is a possibility that you may suffer from rosacea. It is estimated that 5% of the population suffers from this condition.

Even though it is most common in light-skinned people, dark skinned people also suffer from this condition.

There are times when people mistakenly diagnose rosacea as acne. Acne is very different from rosacea and its treatment is also very different. If you have doubts on your condition, you doctor may help.

There are many different kinds of treatments available to treat the symptoms associated with rosacea. However, it is to be noted that the medical community has not been able to find a permanent cure for this condition, so far. Therefore, the treatment focuses on preventing the triggers that result in flare ups of rosacea.

best doctor for rosaceaSome rosacea sufferers lose complete confidence as extreme cases may result in severe face disfigurement. Sometimes even minor flare-ups may result in temporary face disfigurement It is important to find a well qualified doctor who has experience in treating people suffering from rosacea.

Qualified doctors have many different kind of treatments available at their disposal to get you relief from this condition. However, all doctors are not same. Here are a few tips to help you find the best doctor for rosacea.

Type of Doctor

First of all, you need to decide what kind of doctor you want to see. It is most likely that you will go to a general physician in the beginning. Your general physician may help you determine the root cause of your problems. If it is something other than rosacea, the doctor will prescribe you the right treatment option. However, if it is diagnosed as rosacea, it is better to consult a dermatologist and your physician may even recommend someone.

Get A Dermatologist

DermatologistDermatologists are doctors that specialize in treating skin disorders. There are many dermatologists in all parts of the country who have a lot of experience in treating this condition.

An experienced dermatologist will offer you several treatment options that may include oral medication, topical medication and in some extreme cases, even surgery.

Check Reviews

 reviews of doctorHowever, before you decide to go to a dermatologist, it is very important to check the credentials and reviews of the doctor. It is important to check the credentials even if that dermatologist comes highly recommended from a physician.

For checking their credentials, you may check various online websites that offer reviews of particular skin treatment clinics and the leading doctors in those clinics. It is important to keep in mind that the doctors who do not have experience with this condition may not be able to guide you in the right direction.

Ask Questions

ask questionAfter checking the reviews, when you go for your first consultation, make sure that you ask all the queries you may have regarding your condition to the doctor.

Experienced doctors will always encourage you to ask questions and will try to make you comfortable. Your rosacea is not going to go away and therefore, it is important that you discuss everything regarding your condition with the doctor.

Avoid Triggers

In addition to the medication, your doctor will also tell you to ensure that your avoid anything that may trigger the flare ups. Triggers usually include excess alcohol, extremely hot or cold weather, airspace, cleansers, make up, moisturizers, greasy products and other things.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic SurgeryThere are certain cases where cosmetic surgery may become necessary for correcting the damage caused by this condition. Dermabrasion, acid peels and other similar treatments are used initially.

In case, these treatments prove to be ineffective, your doctor may also recommend laser treatment. Laser therapy has been effectively used for treating the redness caused by this condition.

In laser therapy, the burst of energy destroys the small blood vessels in the skin to reduce the redness. However, when it comes to laser surgery, the need for a well-experienced dermatologist becomes crucial. Treatment of skin on the face requires extreme caution when it comes to using laser. If the energy in the laser is low, it may not burst the small blood vessels through the skin.

However, the worse scenario occurs when the power of the laser is more than required and it results in burning the skin. This leads to the development of further scars on the face. Therefore, only extremely skilled doctors can perform the laser surgery in the right manner. In very extreme cases of rosacea, plastic surgery may also be prescribed to set things right.

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

rosacea flare upsAs mentioned above, there are certain triggers that cause rosacea flare ups. Most of the times, these triggers are avoidable. If you suffer from this condition, the way to avoid these flare ups is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Since there is no permanent cure for this condition, your dermatologist can help up to a certain level. The onus is on you to make changes to your eating habits, sleeping patterns and physical activity levels.

If you keep your body healthy by eating the right food and do regular exercise, the probability of these flare ups goes down significantly. If you suffer from rosacea, you do not need to lose hope. A well-qualified doctor can help you immensely in dealing with your condition and can help restore the former glory to your face.


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