Choosing The Best Rosacea Regimen


rosacearedness_clip_image026Believe it or not, there are many different forms of rosacea. There are some types of rosacea that are known to cause both itching and burning while others will show with bumps and swelling. By the same token, there are some people that will present all of these symptoms that can be associated with rosacea all at once. You will normally notice rosacea coming in around the cheeks, forehead, nose and even around the mouth area.

For quite some time, the cause of rosacea has been studied and is still not one hundred percent known. There are a variety of factors, however, that will irritate this skin condition and can cause a flare up. Consuming alcohol, being exposed to the sun, stress and drinking hot caffeinated beverages are all known for irritating rosacea.

Of course, any sort of flare up can be quite embarrassing for someone who has this skin condition so people usually try to cover it up with make up or spend lots of money on acne creams and cleansers although it never seems to really go away.

A common thought is that rosacea can be controlled by working to increase the overall blood circulation. When there is a boost in circulation, there is added nourishment to the skin cells that have been damaged by rosacea.

aloe-vera-girlA few of the best ways to increase blood circulation include daily massages to the face or even light exercise on a regular basis. In addition to healing some of the damage that is caused by rosacea, this is known to help the skin produce brand new cells.

As you are looking for the best rosacea regimen, you may want to try balancing the hormones and the acidic levels within the body. This will work to help prevent breakouts in the future and get your skin looking healthy and fresh. To balance out hormones, you can bring your acidic levels down by drinking plenty of water, changing your diet and getting into a better exercise routine.

If you are a person that seems to suffer from what is known as acne rosacea, it is very important to know how to treat your skin each day. This will include several cleansing treatments to keep your pores clean and help to keep the skin from flaring up. In the morning, you can cleanse your skin with a good benzoyl peroxide product. Be sure to spot treat all of your blemishes, use a light, quality moisturizer and if you wear make up you need to look for a foundation that has a built in SPF to protect you from the sun which can cause flare ups.

Before bed at night, it is important that you once again cleanse with your favorite benzoyl peroxide wash. Use a good anti-inflammatory moisturizer all over your face and then spot treat with a high quality retinol product to boost the healthy skin cell production that your facial area needs.

cures for rosaceaWhenever you use an anti-inflammatory cleanser on your face in both the morning and in the evening, you are going to have the ability to cut down on the amount of oil that is produced on your skin. A lot of people with acne rosacea will look for a product that has salicylic acid.

However, if you have only a slight amount of oil production on your skin you can look for a light moisturizer that has anti-inflammatory ingredients. No matter what, if you wear make up it is always crucial that you remove it each night before you sleep or you could have irritation that will occur before waking.

Depending on your level of rosacea, you might want to see about your options when it comes to topical treatments. Laser treatments are now being used to help out with some of the various symptoms that can come about with rosacea. The laser when applied to the skin by a professional can dry out the rosacea and even remove it completely.

god skin careIt works to remove the bacteria on the skin and then soothes it so that the skin feels smooth and fresh again. If a laser treatment sounds like something you would be interested in, you can make an appointment with your local skin care professionals to see what your options are.

Of course, because there are so many ways that rosacea presents, it is important to remember that a regimen that might work for one person may not work for another. Take the time to try different regimens to get your skin looking and feeling fresh and blemish free again. Talk with your dermatologist to work out the best possible schedule of care to give your skin the nourishment that it needs and help to fight any bacteria that may be building up on the skin and causing rosacea flare ups.


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