Different Treatments For Rosacea Papules


papulesRosacea affects millions of people each year and it can be embarrassing as well as devastating when you find out that not only do you have rosacea, but you have developed papules.

Oftentimes, people confuse these papules with acne as they bear a close resemblance, but in fact they are related to rosacea.

Fortunately, rosacea papules can be treated quite effectively and for very little money. This means you don’t have to live your life in the shadows embarrassed any further by your condition.

Your local drugstore offers a wealth of great and affordable products to help with your rosacea papules. Some of the common active ingredients you can find in these products are retinol and benzoyl peroxide.

Other products may also contain ingredients like metronidazole, sulfur or azelaic acid. However, before you go ahead and purchase any of these products, make sure you consult your primary care physician to ensure it’s the right product for your needs.

Rosacea papules can also be treated by simply purchasing aloe vera gel. The great thing about aloe vera is it has natural healing properties that have been in use for literally thousands of years. The natural moisturizing agents this plant contains can help you moisturize your skin, heal scars and help you avoid that nasty dry, flaky skin.

healthy organic foodIf you have a healthy organic food store nearby, head on down for a bottle of primrose oil. Rosacea papules generally develop due to dry, flaky and irritated skin.

Applying the primrose oil topically can help you soothe the discomfort and irritation due to rosacea as primrose contains natural fatty acids that help soothe your skin. Primrose oil can also be purchase in gel tab form if you prefer to take it orally.

Countless skin conditions as well as rosacea can be treated by dabbing apple cider vinegar.

Just dab a teaspoonful on your face with a non-abrasive towel at least two to three times daily to see positive results.

It is important that when you shower and wash your face you avoid hot and steamy water. It can further aggravate your rosaca papules as it dries out your skin. Splashing some cold water on your face after a shower can help your face calm dodoctorwn.

The most important thing to do to help keep your rosacea under control is to make an appointment with a local dermatologist. There are some great ways you can combat rosacea on your own, but it is always important to get a second opinion.

A dermatologist can help prescribe a topical cream to help with some of your symptoms. The most commonly prescribed cream contains clindamycin and Protopic ointment.

It is important that you take care of your skin, especially if you suffer from rosacea. It can be an embarrassing problem to deal with, but if left untreated, it can become worse over time. Work with your doctor and use natural remedies in combination with prescribed one to achieve the desired results and look your best.


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