Different Types of Cream for Rosacea to Deal with the Skin Disorder

People who are suffering from rosacea need to find the right cream for rosacea that can deal with the issue to the core of the problem. Most people make mistakes when they are treating rosacea; thinking that rosacea is just similar to regular acne or zits. Well, rosacea is certainly different from acne and they need different treatments from the acne. In fact, rosacea is considered a chronic skin disorder that requires special treatment.

What Is Rosacea

As it was mentioned before, rosacea is a chronic skin issue that is usually marked by facial redness. This disorder usually happens among women and fair skinned people at young age – usually between 30 and 60 years of age. However, it is also possible that the problem happens to younger or older people outside the age range. According to statistics, this disorder affects about 14 millions of American. Although rosacea happens in facial area, it is different from acne due to the symptoms and the signs, such as:

– Facial redness
– Red bumps (usually in small shapes) that are located on the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead
– Visible blood vessels around the cheeks and nose, which is called as telangiectasia
– Facial blush or flush that will make the redness get worse
In severe condition, the symptoms may result in rhinophyma or bulbous nose and ocular rosacea or eyes gritty feel.

The Different Creams

The cause of the problem can be the result of stress, sun exposure, spicy food consumption, and also alcohol consumption. Besides the using of cream for rosacea, medical solution or the avoidance of the triggers can really help dealing with the issue. In severe cases, it is possible to use laser therapy in order to reduce the visibility of the blood vessel as well as the flushing. Using natural remedies or cream for rosacea that is containing natural ingredients can really help. Here are several examples of such natural rosacea remedies:

– The Chrysanthellum Indicum
The cream contains the Chrysanthellum Indicum herb that can deal with rosacea. When applied on the facial area, the cream can reduce the facial redness. The face isn’t so flushed anymore and any blood vessel visibility can be reduced.

– The Niacinamide
Since this cream contains vitamin B3, it can be very effective in treating rosacea, especially when applied right away on the affected skin. The vitamin contains natural moisturizer that can really help hydrating and treating the skin while combating the issue at the same time.

– The Azelaic Acid
This substance is taken from barley, wheat, and rye and it is very effective to reduce pustules and papules. It is also good to reduce skin redness and blood vessel visibility. However, the Azelaic Acid can cause possible side effects, such as darkened skin on the affected area or stinging sensation when applied.

– The Metronidazole Rosacea
This cream for rosacea is usually prescribed for adults only. Although this substance can really help combating rosacea issue, people also need to be careful when using the cream along with alcohol consumption or tobacco use. These activities may cause adverse effect. Moreover, the possible side effects may also include skin redness, stinging sensation, or dry skin.

– The Clindamycin
It is usually available in lotion, foam, or gel form. It contains anti-bacterial agent that can help treating your skin. However, using this substance can also cause diarrhea as the side effect.

– The Erythromycin
The cream can combat bacteria infestation since it contains antibiotic agents. The numbers of bacteria can be reduced significantly. The possible side effects may include dry skin, diarrhea, swelling, irritation, or rash. Since the cream usually made with large numbers of alcohol, users with dry skin condition may experience worsening symptoms.

Besides the special cream for rosacea, it is also possible to apply moisturizing cream or anti redness gel to help dealing with the issue. When people use these types of cream or gel, they can avoid the worsening burning sensation, itchiness, and also skin irritation. Moisturizing the skin with creams containing xanthine on daily basis can soothe the irritated skin, as well as making the irritation and the pain go away. People can also use creams with sheer green hue to neutralize the facial redness and blood vessel visibility.

Other Methods

Besides using the special cream for the skin, it is also possible to address the issue from other perspective and methods. As it was mentioned, the rosacea can be caused by diet faulty, sun exposure, or stress. If people are exposed to these things quite often, then they need to address the issue right away.

For instance, when they have stressful lifestyle, they need to consider lifestyle changes. They can try different methods of stress management and control. They can join in hypnotherapy or implement yoga practice on daily basis. As long as they can control their stress level, the problem may not occur and cause havoc in their lives. If people are often exposed to sun rays or they may have to work outdoor, they need to protect themselves by using hats, umbrellas, or facial cover protection. If it is possible, they need to consult their dermatologist and find out the best facial products to repel off the sun ray. Managing the right diet planning is also important as certain foods can cause the issue to resurface. It is better to consult their doctors and discuss about the types of food to avoid and which one to consume.

It is always better to combine the treatments from outside and from within. When people only focus on the exterior treatments without addressing the issue from within, the outcome may not as perfect as expected. But trying to find the solution for such issue needs careful planning and management so consulting the doctors is a must. Never try to find out the solution alone as they may make their problem get worse. Consulting the right cream for rosacea also needs doctors’ recommendation and approval because they can monitor and control the usage. All in all, people can find the best treatments and solutions for their rosacea issue, but they need to do it carefully. Never take risks as they may aggravate their issues.