Does Rosacea Ltd Work?


rosacealtd workFor quite some time now, I have experienced rosacea driven acne. The flare ups are frequent, and not only does it effect my social life, it is often very painful. It has been an absolute nightmare to deal with! After trying all varieties of scrubs and creams to varying degrees of success, I was nearly ready to throw my hands up in the air and scream “I give up!”

However, if rosacea teaches you one thing, it’s to be persistent, and with some further research I found out about the Rosacea LTD product line from a company called Bass and Barney.

As such a common problem, it should no surprise that there are actually acne forums online where people talk about nothing but their preferred methods for achieving clear skin. It turns out that Rosacea LTD was name dropped quite frequently, and almost always in a favorable light. At that point, it became absolutely imperative to go ahead and check it out.

Upon visiting the Boss and Barney Pharmaceutical webpage, I was met with a wealth of scientific knowledge, dolled out clearly and without too much over complicated technical jargon. It was all very impressive, and I have to say, I was immediately won over. Even before getting into selling the product, there was a full breakdown of what does and does not work when it comes to rosacea.

Even if I hadn’t decided to buy, I would have learned quite a bit. Above all, it really seemed as if this company had done their homework and were dedicated to providing an effective rosacea treatment. No smoke and mirrors. No snake oil. This seemed like an honest and genuine effort and I knew I wanted in.

The order form was just as impressive. It included a questionnaire that helps you find what exact product would be best for you. This attention to detail and overall helpfulness is a rare commodity these days. Trying to narrow down options for other products is essentially like being out in the wild. With Rosacea LTD at least you’re thrown a map and a flash light! It turned out that Rosacea IV was the right choice for me, and I gladly took the plunge.

Before moving on to the ins and outs of the product itself, now seems to be a great time to talk about the price. At first glance, the 80 dollars or so that Rosacea LTD costs seems like a bitter pill to swallow. However, for such a specialized product, it seems all too fair.

After all, you get what you pay for! If you are conservative enough with its use, the product can actually last you quite a long time. One purchase has lasted me most of the year. If the price tag alone has you hesitant, trust me, it’s well worth giving it a shot.

The specific version of Rosacea LTD I purchased, like all of them, was developed with actual scientific research by doctors trained in dermatology. It is tailor made for those suffering with especially sensitive skin and any variety of rosacea’s peskier effects, from acne to dermatitis and everything in between.

Interestingly, the product is actually disk shaped, which promotes a more consistent application along all of the effected areas, even the nose and eyelids if necessary. The disk is actually a two tiered system. There is a tan disk and a yellow disk.

The first one is used once each night on jojoba oil treated skin, and after ten uses, you switch over to the yellow disc. Going deeper, the product is comprised of numerous ingredients, including sodium chloride, copper oxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, cornstarch, sulfur, and polyethylene glycol.

Given my frequent acne flare ups, it wasn’t long before I was able to actually test the product. The immediate results were fairly positive. The redness definitely went down, and fast! The difference in appearance after a few days is dramatic to say the least. I was incredibly impressed. The ease of use made it even better given the immense ease in which you can work a Rosacea LTD application into your daily bedtime preparation. I was so happy at the overall results that I could cry.

There are at least a few negatives to talk about however. After some applications, I found my skin a bit too dried out. It may have been an error on my part, but this was a bit uncomfortable and can of course lead to counter productive results such as the desire to rub and itch.

It isn’t the best sensation to have. However, I did find that the jojoba oil was able to moisturize my skin properly most times, so it is likely a matter of trial and error in finding which amount is right for you.

Also of note was an occasional stinging of the eyes, but really, the same could be said of just about any topical skin treatment. After all, washing your hair carries the same risk, and that doesn’t stop us! It all comes down to being careful. The smell can be a bit pungent as well, but honestly, you could rub onions on my face if it got rid of my acne this efficiently!

The answer to the topical question at hand – does Rosacea LTD work – is thankfully a resounding yes! It is the most effective rosacea treatment I have ever tried, and any negative is easily shrugged off. The price didn’t even make me bat an eye! I firmly suggest that anyone suffering from rosacea LTD give this product a try – right now!


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