Effective Cures for Rosacea

Plenty of individuals are looking for effective cures for rosacea and this is because rosacea is a disease that affects people a lot on a psychological level, with many of them even entering depression because of their lack of self confidence and their shattered self image. It’s important people act as soon as possible if they would like to their rosacea to be inhibited from developing and becoming more severe. If actions are not taken fat, then people will actually experience severe acne scarring on their skin.

There are also cases when individuals will have to cope with acne rosacea, something that people who are between 35 to 65 years old will be affected from. It seems that studies reflect a greater number of women being affected compared to men. In what regards the doctors, they say that rosacea is generally transmitted through genes and it’s something which cannot actually be prevented.


There are not magical cures for rosacea, however, there are plenty of ways through which individuals will be able to alleviate it. By using certain topical ointments or creams, gels and so on, they will manage to keep their skin safe from the damaging effects rosacea can inflict upon it. In some cases, people will consider antibiotics and even surgical procedures in order to get rid of their rosacea. Basically, all of these things people will do have one goal and that is to get them rid of their disease. Rosacea makes their face look red like they’ve been out in the cold or hot weather for a long time and it’s certainly unpleasant to look like that. The treatments aim at neutralizing the redness and inflammation of the skin and make it look closer to how the rest of the skin looks.

Below there are some guidelines people can use when they will look for treatments for their rosacea and the symptoms that come with it.

Sun protection

Even though most of the times people will not actually consider this as a treatment for their problem, it does indeed help them with staying on the safe side and not making their rosacea even worse. Because many of the treatments for rosacea focus on increasing the skin’s natural healing capabilities, it’s vital individuals will avoid as much as possible being exposed to the sun. This way, they will manage not to disrupt the skin’s normal healing capabilities.

Laser treatments

For people who want to consider a different approach to their disease, they should actually try the laser treatments, as they are considered some of the best cures for rosacea. Lasers will actually be focused on the affected area and due to their nature, they will manage to reach deeper than creams and ointments and help with getting back the skin’s normal. They do this by targeting the small blood vessels which are responsible for causing the redness in the skin.

Facial cleansers

These cleansers are basically used I order to clean the skin of excess oil and debris which will not only trigger acne breakouts, but also worsen them with acne rosacea. The way they act is by removing excess oil from the skin and then effectively cleaning it from clogged pores and any debris that might have accumulated during the day. Eventually, the skin will be able to heal faster and at the same time look less red than before.


Many people seem to consider oral antibiotics when they suffer from rosacea, because these will act really fast and will help with reducing their rosacea. Even though they will not permanently solve the problem, they will provide individuals with a temporary relieve and make their skin look better. They are also preparing the ground for other medications and treatments which, in conjunction with antibiotics, will have better results at reducing the redness.

Histamine Hysterics

Many people do come in contact with histamines on a daily basis and the fact is that not many of them are aware of this fact. What is even more surprising is that people are also not aware that this substance can be found in quite great quantities in foods like yogurt, sour cream, vinegar and spinach. But why would people care about histamines when suffering from rosacea?

Basically, in what regards the cures for rosacea, histamines will help individuals in a few ways with it. First of all, individuals should know that histamines are a biogenic amine which can make the body’s immune system respond better than usual. On top of that, histamines are great at dilating blood vessels. This means that people’s blood vessels will get to expand and cause rushes of blood to occupy empty spaces. It describes how rosacea acts and it gives people the flushing or red face which is associated with the disease.

However, things don’t end here. There have been many studies around histamines and some of the latest ones showed that they can leak from the microvascular bed. As a result of this, they will create what is called an outbreak of papules. Thus, if people would like to ensure they don’t let such substances enter their body, they will first of all need to take a look at their diet. Pork and beef will have to be replaced with chicken and lamb, which are safe foods from this point of view. Products that contain tomato paste and tomatoes will also have to be avoided and in what regards yeast based products, they should also be cut from one’s diet. However, it seems that people dealing with rosacea may still eat bread.

Those who are aware of the fact that their foods contain high levels of histamines, but cannot avoid but eat them, they should consider an anti-histamine diet sooner or later if they can, as this will reduce their redness. With that being said, it seems that there are plenty of temporary cures for rosacea and people just need to consider them as soon as they can. After doing so, they will realize their redness will become less visible!