Effective Rosacea Treatment – What are your Options?


Rosacea is a skin affliction that affects millions of people with its pink or red skin blemishes. Although benign, it’s still a big issue for many people and there are many skincare treatments that can help in relieving this skin condition in a safe way. Generally, rosacea is regarded as a long term condition for adults and they do not “grow out of it” as many others who suffer from acne do. It mostly affects the central areas of the face, the chin, nose, and forehead.

Many of these treatments can also be used for some acne redness issues as well. But, rosacea differs from other skin conditions such as acne because it mainly affects older people and mainly affects all those who have fair skin. Rosacea does not create any skin pimples, and only results in red blemishes on the skin.

There are different types of rosacea treatment, and most of the specialist consider this skin condition ‘treatable” rather than altogether curable. As in the case of acne redness, rosacea treatment includes several options such as face washes, antibiotics, isotretinoin laser therapy and several other forms of treatment. Rosacea treatment is different from acne treatment because as compared to acne, it is more harsh on skin.

Mostly, gentle treatment is recommended for rosacea for the most part as sufferers have a more sensitive skin. Some of the best known rosacea treatments include medications such as azelaic acid and antibiotic metronidazole that can treat coloring and bumps caused by rosacea. Often, these treatments are used in combination or even alternatively and sometimes lead to effective rosacea treatment that provides good results.

However, it is important to ensure that suitable medical advice is ought before opting for any rosacea treatment as allergies and different skin types can easily create issues for those suffering from rosacea. In some cases, many oral antibiotics can also be used for rosacea treatment and they can reduce inflammation that often accompany rosacea. When you are taking these antibiotics, you must ensure that you are taking their correct dosage and should gradually reduce their intake because any over dose can have detrimental effect.

You can also use various creams that can be applied directly to combat rosacea. Before applying cream, you should clean the area of the skin by using a gentle skin cleanser. You should repeat this twice a day. Sometimes doctor may also prescribe antibiotic for rosacea treatment, even when you are using a sunscreen to avoid aggravating their peculiar skin condition under direct sunlight.

You should avoid rubbing your skin vigorously as it can cause irritation. Aside from that, you should also be wary of cosmetics, hair sprays, or makeup that may irritate your skin and create additional redness or swelling. Aside from that, you must also ensure that all products that you use for rosacea treatment are alcohol-free. This includes moisturizers, soaps, and so on. You should test each and every product before using the on face. Effective rosacea treatment is a one that is specifically tailored for your skin type and severity of rosacea that you have.


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