Finding a Natural Rosacea Treatment

We naturally break out when we are stressed. Turning bright red does not exactly help relieve us of embarrassment. Some, however, blush as soon as they seem to think of it, and for some, the redness takes a while to go away, sometimes leaving little bumps in its wake.

If that last description sounds like you, you may be unwittingly living with the condition rosacea. This can easily be diagnosed and treated by your doctor, but if you live a holistic lifestyle and want a strictly homeopathic method for combatting this skin condition, there are a number of powerful rosacea natural treatment that can be concocted in the safety and comfort of your own home.

The Magical Letter B

B Vitamins are already renowned for their ability to help boost energy, but vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, can play a huge role in the promotion of healthy skin, as well as hair and nails. To make the most out of your B vitamins, ingest 100 milligrams of the major B vitamins once a day.

Beta Carotene

You may have heard of this great ingredient already in health class. It is a key ingredient used by the body to make Vitamin A, which in turn makes capillaries stronger and helps the skin heal itself more quickly. For best results in fighting rosacea, take 25,000 international units twice a day, maximum.

Vitamin C

Besides the B vitamins, C is another extremely beneficial vitamin for rosacea natural treatment. It helps raise immunity and boosts your body’s ability to heal, and even strengthens connective tissue. 500 milligrams once a day is all you need for this little miracle vitamin.

Looking for Rosacea Natural Treatment? Zinc, Please!

This element is tiny but mighty. 25 milligrams twice a day can play a huge role in helping heal your skin. Take with a milligram of copper with each meal and your skin will be sitting pretty.

Rosacea Natural Treatment: Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Flaxseed Oil

A couple of these ingredients may seem a bit unfamiliar. And maybe a little impossible to pronounce. But acidophilus and bifidus will prove to be the best friends you could ask for when battling against rosacea. They help to restore the good bacteria in your system, and push out anything negative. Taking an antibiotic? Make sure to check with your doctor, but chances are you should be able to take either of these as a supplement.

As for the more conventional flaxseed oil? It helps supply fatty acids that can reduce inflammation. For anyone who knows rosacea, anything that can bring down the red is simply an invaluable tool to have. Want to let this common kitchen substance start working for you? Take 1000 milligrams of flaxseed oil three times a day. This evens out to roughly one teaspoon. For natural rosacea treatment, that is practically nothing!

Hydrochloric Acid? Really?

Really. Hydrochloric acid may be corrosive, but it is already in your system, and is a huge proponent of healthy digestion. Just don’t drink it in its natural state. Remember, it is some of the most powerful acid on the planet. Before you go downing a bottle of this dangerous stuff, pick up a supplement as directed by your doctor. Several manufacturers sell supplements with both hydrochloric acid and betaine, to ensure healthy digestion and the fast disposal of toxins. It might be good for your stomach, but we don’t exactly recommend swimming around in it.

Some Herbal Rosacea Natural Treatment

Besides helping with rosacea, this next treatment also can ease a sensitivity to food. Cat’s claw extract is a less conventional way to find relief, but it is very effective in strengthening your intestines. And if your digestive system is happy, the rest of you will be as well. 500 milligrams of cat’s claw extract, three times a day, is a great way to maintain balance with your digestion, and ease any flushes on your face.

Did You Say Coca Cola?

Nope. Gotu kola. It might sound weird, or be difficult to say, but it packs a wallop when dealing with the fight against rosacea. This natural rosacea treatment is an extract that can help your skin heal itself more quickly. To take full advantage of this wonder extract, take 100 milligrams of it, at a maximum of three times a day.

The Seed of the Grape

Grapeseed extract is found in many shampoos and conditioners, and even meals. That is because it promotes smoothness, and greatly boosts anti inflammatory behaviors in the blood vessels of your facial skin. Another way it is beneficial to your body is that it is an antioxidant, which helps promote immunity to many diseases. Grapeseed extract also plays a large role in the formation of collagen. To take full advantage, ingest 50 milligrams of it daily, at most three times.

Some Herbal Topical Creams

Many people who use natural treatments for rosacea have found several creams (albeit with relatively unknown ingredients) that are very helpful. The prime ingredients in some of the most effective creams are horse chestnut and rose wax. Either of these creams are safe, healthy, and extremely natural ways to vastly improve the blemishes and redness of rosacea.

Inspiration in the East

One last powerful herbal ingredient for the treatment of rosacea is an herb found in China. Jigucao, a Chinese herb, has been made into a patent medicine that has been reported as being extremely helpful in the battle against rosacea. To use, take 1500 milligrams daily.

Finding a great natural rosacea treatment may take a bit of research and legwork, but it is certainly not impossible. These supplements and topical creams can be used and applied on their own, or even when combined with an antibiotic (as long as you check with your doctor first). These supplements, along with a number of changes to lifestyle and home measures, will go a long way in helping to control and manage the symptoms of rosacea. Talk to your doctor, and then go for it!

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