FlaxSeed Oil Is Effective For Rosacea Treatment


rosacea skin conditionMany surveys have been conducted by organizations such as American Academy of Dermatology to study various aspects of rosacea.

Most of the surveys have concluded that there are millions of people in US who are suffering from this condition.

Also, the surveys have found that most of the people who are suffering from this condition are middle-aged adults and it occurs more commonly in women who have fair skin.

As far as the treatment for rosacea is concerned, no breakthrough has been made by medical science for effective and permanent treatment of this condition. Over the years, many natural treatments have appeared in the market that claims to be 100% effective in reducing the symptoms associated with rosacea.

In addition to the various creams, lotions and gels available in the market for treating this condition, many rosacea sufferers have also published their own challenges and treatment plans that have helped them in containing the symptoms of rosacea. Along with many other natural medicinal products, flaxseed oil has also been found to be extremely effective in getting rid of the redness caused due to rosacea.

omega 3Flaxseed oil is extracted from the seeds of the flax plant. It is widely used in many alternative medicines. Usually, this plant is found in the Mediterranean region and in India.

The plant grows to a height of approximately 4 feet. As far as the nutrients in this oil are concerned, it includes vitamins E, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-3, vitamin B-5 and many essential amino and fatty acids.

Can Flaxseed Oil Help Rosacea?

It is highly effective in the treatment of rosacea as the essential fatty acids in the oil can help in controlling the rosacea symptoms. In addition to the presence of the above-mentioned nutrients, it also has excellent anti inflammation properties that help in reducing the irritation as well as the redness due to rosacea.

Type of Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed OilFlaxseed oil is available in the market in many different varieties. It is most commonly consumed in the form of pills as a diet supplement. However, many people who have consumed this oil in the form of pills have not found it to be effective.

There have been no studies that can corroborate the ineffectiveness of this oil in the form of pills. However, many users claim that they have found no relief when they consume this oil in the form of pills.

On the other hand, many users who have consumed this oil in the cold pressed liquid form have found it to be extremely effective. One of the users shared this story on a discussion forum where his mother, 78 years old, get rid of all the rosacea symptoms by consuming it in liquid form.

This supplement was prescribed to her for treatment of dry eye. It not only helped in getting rid of the dry eye but also helped in eliminating all the rosacea symptoms. The symptoms returned when the woman started taking the pills again instead of the cold pressed liquid form of the oil.

However, there are also many other cases where people got relief from consuming flaxseed oil in the form of pills. The truth is that while one form of flaxseed oil may work for an individual, it may not work for others. Therefore, it is recommended to try out different forms for a period of 7 to 10 days as it takes that long for the vitamins and other nutrients present in the flaxseed oil to start showing their effect.

How to Consume Flaxseed Oil

foodAs far as consumption in the liquid form is concerned, two tablespoons of flaxseed oil can be added to any food. It does not change the taste of the food.

As far as the pill form is concerned, two capsules of this supplement can be consumed on a daily basis to get the daily quota of the nutrients in the flaxseed oil.

Side Effects

Flaxseed oil is completely natural and there are absolutely known is known side effects of consuming this oil. However, there are a few people who are sensitive to omega-3 or omega-6 that is present in all the oils such as flaxseed oil as well as jojoba oil.

Many such people have reported worsening of the rosacea symptoms after consuming flaxseed oil in the liquid form. Therefore, if you are sensitive to any of the omegas, you’ve may not find flaxseed oil to be beneficial for getting rid of rosacea symptoms.


rosacea There are many people who find great relief from rosacea symptoms by regularly consuming flaxseed oil in liquid form as well as pill form. However, everybody is different and may react differently to such medications.

Therefore, one should consume flaxseed oil for a short amount of time to see whether it helps in alleviating the rosacea symptoms. In addition to consuming flaxseed oil, it is also important to maintain proper skin hygiene and stay away from various triggers that lead to rosacea flare-ups.


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