For My Wife’s Rosacea Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer Has Made A Huge Difference


Aveeno Ultra Calming MoisturizerMy wife has very pale skin, and she’s been prone to a little redness in the face ever since I’ve known her. A few years ago, though, her condition took a dramatic turn.

She started getting extremely red around the nose and cheeks, and she found herself combating acne problems again, even in her early thirties. A visit to her doctor confirmed what her trouble was: An outbreak of rosacea.

I’ve never had any rosacea condition myself, but helping my wife deal with her own issues with the condition has taught me a lot about what it is and how it’s treated.

She had to go through many different processes before she found a treatment regimen that really keeps her condition in check. These days, for her rosacea Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer is enough to maintain the complexion she wants.

For a start, rosacea is a pretty tricky condition to diagnose. It’s similar to a number of other skin complaints, like seborrhoeic dermatitis or common acne. It’s difficult for the ordinary layman to make a confident diagnosis with this sort of condition; even some medical professionals have difficulty with it.

The number of different medical issues that can cause redness, swelling, and acne on the face is virtually endless. In my wife’s case, we had our family physician’s initial diagnosis confirmed by a dermatologist. That put us in a good place to start examining treatment options.

Because my wife was enduring a rather severe outbreak when she was diagnosed, we decided to stick with medical treatment for the initial fight against her rosacea. Our doctor prescribed an antibiotic ointment for her which made a big difference. Antibiotics reduce the swelling and redness of rosacea and help to clear up any acne caused by the condition.

Fortunately, my wife’s case responded extremely well to antibiotic treatment. There are even more intensive rosacea treatments available under the supervision of a trained physician. For instance, while we were learning more about the disease our doctor told us that dermatological laser treatment was a highly effective tool for fighting rosacea.

In severe cases, lasers can penetrate the skin and break up the chronically inflamed capillaries that cause the redness associated with rosacea. Lasers can also be used to remove excess tissue and scars caused by long-term rosacea problems. Thankfully, my wife was able to deal with her condition before these kinds of extreme measures became necessary!

As I mentioned above, my wife has found that for long-term management of her Rosacea Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer is a real godsend. Although like many name-brand cosmetic products it’s marketed with a bunch of fake-sounding features, (Aveeno Moisturizer has “Active Naturals.” What they are, I couldn’t possibly tell you.) it’s very hard to argue with positive results. My wife has found this moisturizer highly effective in soothing her skin, reducing redness, and minimizing irritation.

As an added bonus, Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer includes sun block. This is important for a couple of reasons. Not only is daily sun protection a good idea for skin health in general, but it’s also particularly important for rosacea sufferers like my wife.

One of the hardest parts of dealing with rosacea is that it’s a complex condition. Many different factors contribute to causing rosacea outbreaks, from genetic predisposition to lifestyle stress to environmental conditions. Each rosacea sufferer will find different “triggers” for the condition that cause them particular trouble.

Some rosacea triggers, like harsh skin care regimens (e.g. chemical peels) and poor hygiene, are easy to avoid. Others, such as sun exposure and temperature extremes (or even having certain types of intestinal bacteria) can be much more difficult to get a handle on.

Before her rosacea problems flared up, my wife was a fan of fairly intensive spa treatments that included deep cleansing, chemical peels, and even a little mild dermabrasion. She’s put such invasive cosmetic treatments behind her, now. In order to keep her rosacea in check she’s carefully adjusted her skin-care regimen to include only gentle, mild products with all-natural ingredients. She still makes regular visits to her favorite spa, but these days she gives the harsher procedures a pass.

She’s found it more difficult to manage temperature extremes, which are a significant trigger for her rosacea issues. Fortunately the folks at her office keep the temperature at a very comfortable 72 degrees, which is about perfect for her skin. We keep our home at a similar temperature, especially during the summer months. Going outside can still be a trial for my wife, especially when the weather is being uncharitable.

For summer management of rosacea Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer has been invaluable to my wife. When the mercury is high and the sun is blazing, she avoids exposure to the sun whenever possible. She dresses for concealment when she knows she’ll be outside for any length of time. A daily application of Aveeno moisturizer is her second line of defense. Thanks to its SPF 15 sunscreen content, it helps protect her face from any stray sunshine that gets through.

Although we understood that high temperatures and direct sunlight were bad for my wife’s rosacea, we were surprised to learn that the opposite extreme can be almost as bad when it comes to weather. In our area, winter commonly brings high, cold winds. These have proven to be especially trying for my wife; just a few minute’s exposure to harsh wind can be enough to trigger an outbreak.

Once again, a layered defense system has been the solution. She applies her Aveeno moisturizer daily during the winter months and always keeps a scarf handy. She makes a habit of bundling up whenever she goes outside, and this has helped her avoid cold-weather rosacea flare-ups.

I know my wife hasn’t had an easy time of it while she adjusts to life with rosacea. I’m very proud of the way she’s handled her condition overall. Getting good medical advice, doing her own research, and then taking action in a conscientious manner has helped her master her condition and keep her skin looking the way she wants it to.


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