How Do You Get Rosacea: Know Your Risks


dollarsMost of the people these days have a great concern about their appearance. This is true since people first notice our outer looks. For that reason, people are willing to go extra lengths just to keep their looks comely.

Skin is one of the physical traits that most people are willing to spend their dollars on. This is easy if the problem they have to deal with is acne marks, but if it is rosacea, then it will be more difficult.

Rosacea is a skin disorder that is common to many. What is funny, though, is that many of those affected are unaware that they actually have it. The reason for this could be because they thought what they had is just an acne break out. Moreover, rosacea rashes are similar to blushing. For that reason, people tend to disregard it, believing that it will eventually fade away.

A delay in the treatment will only make things worse. In fact, this may this may cause some disfigurements if there is no proper treatment. Aside from having those unsightly marks, it is possible that your nose becomes a bulbous nose. What is worse is that the defects could be permanent. With the after effects that a person may suffer, many are asking, how do you get rosacea?

questionA person would surely want to find an answer to this question. The deformity that it can bring is a nightmare; no one would want to experience that.

For that reason, people should be aware about the early signs of rosacea. Since the symptoms are like those of acne or blushing, it would be better if you let a doctor examine your skin.

Aside from giving you an idea what this disease is all about, doctors will also share some of the things that you can do so you will gain some comfort.

What is weird is that despite the increase in the number of affected people, there is no cure yet. The only thing that you can do is prevent its flare-ups and minimize discomfort. Before knowing what are the different methods that you can do to control the symptoms, it would be better if first understand the disease.

What Is A Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin disease that usually affects people who are at the age of 30 or over. In this condition, rashes will appear on skin, particularly on the face. Little bumps, thickened skin and pimples can also be present. Areas of the face that are usually affected are the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. These marks are itchy, and may cause some burning sensations, especially if the affected area surrounds the eyes.

rosaceaRosacea has different stages. The earliest sign is flushing and redness. This is the same when you have fair skin and exposed to a warm temperature. This will go eventually.

Blisters and pus-filled pimples will appear once the disease progresses. They are like acne; the only difference is that there will be no blackheads.

When the symptoms continue to worsen, spider-like veins will appear on your face. Its appearance may affect a person’s self-esteem. On later stages, your skin could be rough and thickened. This is similar to that of an orange peel. These symptoms may intensify once there is exposure to sun.

How Do You Get Rosacea?

The real cause of Rosacea remains as a mystery. Despite the many efforts of scientific researches, finding the real cause of rosacea is still unclear. On the other contrary, there are several factors associated to the development of rosacea. The following will help you find out what causes rosacea.

The Various Causes Of Rosacea

People can develop rosacea for a number of reasons, including:

rosaceaIt runs in your blood. People who have rosacea have family members who also have the same disease. This means to show that people can inherit the genes for rosacea. You have a weak immune system.

After several tests, scientists found out that people who have rosacea react to a specific bacterium known as bacillus oleronius. Once there is reaction, the immune system tends to overreact.

This then results in rosacea symptoms. You have decreased acidity in the stomach. Normally, the stomach is acidic for proper digestion. However, there are times wherein there is a decrease in the production of stomach acids.

As a result, the normal flora in the digestive tract multiplies more than its normal range. This H. Pylori infection is common among rosacea patients.

You suffer from skin mites. Though invisible to naked eyes, skin mites can be present in anyone. They play a vital role. Most of the time, they harbor on the nose and cheeks. However, there are individuals who have large numbers of their skin. This became a risk factor in having rosacea.

alcohol Now that you know the answer to the question, how do you get rosacea, the next thing to do is know your specific triggering factors.

There are certain foods and drinks that may result in flare ups. Among these are caffeine, alcohol and hot drinks.

You should also avoid foods that are too irritating, like spicy foods and foods rich in fats and preservatives. Limit your time in basking under the sun, wear protective clothing like wide-brimmed hat and shirts with long sleeves, too.


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