Good Skin Care Can Prevent Rosacea After Showering


good skin careI’m a big ol’ manly man, (a Texan, in fact!) and for the first thirty years of my life I don’t think I spent more than an hour worrying about the state of my skin.

I had a few acne problems as a teenager, of course, but otherwise I just scrubbed my face every day and left it at that.

Things changed a few months ago when I noticed I was suffering from the symptoms of rosacea after showering. This led to a big change in the way I take care of my skin!

If you didn’t know, rosacea is a chronic condition that causes redness and inflammation on the face. It’s usually restricted to the nose, the cheeks, the chin, and the area around the eyes. Sometimes, though, (as in my case) it can pop up in other areas like the neck.

Rosacea can have a lot of different causes, but hererdity plays a big role in the spread of the condition. It typically affects pale folks of northern European descent. “Pale northern Europeans” pretty much describes everybody in my family tree in a nutshell! My mom’s family is Irish while my dad’s people are from Denmark.

Although my parents didn’t have rosacea problems themselves, I remember seeing plenty of flushed faces at weddings and other family gatherings. At the time, I thought we just had a few relatives who enjoyed their libations a bit too much. Now I know that those rosy cheeks were probably signs of rosacea.

Since I didn’t want to end up looking like a comical Irish stereotype with a beet-red nose and constantly-flushed cheeks, I decided to take action as soon as I noticed the first symptoms of rosacea.

As I mentioned above, the condition first became apparent to me after stepping out of a steaming-hot shower. One of the first things I learned about the condition is that high temperatures are great for aggravating it, so seeing signs of rosacea after showering is relatively common.

I started my campaign against my rosacea by consulting with my regular doctor. Fortunately for me, she had plenty of experience with skin conditions, so she made a solid diagnosis right away.

I understand that rosacea can be a tricky condition to diagnose, and some physicians even have to refer patients to a dermatologist to be certain of what they’re dealing with. In my case, though, my family doctor was ninety-nine percent certain we were dealing with rosacea after making a brief examination of my face.

Because I was taking action early on, I was in an excellent position to overcome my rosacea issues. It’s not the kind of disease that can be cured; living with rosacea is just a matter of taking better care of yourself. My doctor had some real horror stories about how severe rosacea can get if you don’t start treating it; in extreme cases sufferers have required antibiotics or even laser treatment.

Not only did I start addressing my rosacea early, I also seem to have a pretty mild case. Like a lot of sufferers, I find certain situations more likely to bring on an itchy red rosacea attack.

In my case heat is the biggest trigger I have to worry about. (That’s why I first noticed my rosacea after showering.) I stick to moderate indoor temperatures as much as possible, and these days I keep the heat setting in my shower a notch or two lower in order to avoid irritating my skin.

Of course, I also keep a lookout for other situations that could aggravate my condition. I know that exposure to bright sunlight is one of the most common rosacea triggers out there. I haven’t had a problem with it myself, but I chalk that up to the protective steps I started taking.

I got myself a moisturizer that has a sunblocking ingredient, and I make sure to slap some on whenever it’s sunny outside. When I know I’m going to be spending some time outdoors, I take along a wide-brimmed hat. (Like a Texan needs an excuse to wear a Stetson!) By taking these steps, I’ve been able to prevent a sun-induced rosacea flare-up so far.

Some people report that spicy foods can aggravate their rosacea. Personally, I’ve never had any issues of this type, and I’m quite grateful for that! If I couldn’t enjoy hot Mexican food I’d feel like I was missing out on the best part of life. Stress in general is another rosacea trigger for some sufferers, but I’m a pretty laid-back guy and I don’t let life’s little troubles get to me.

All in all, I’ve found rosacea pretty easy to live with. I know my experience has been a fortunate one so far. Some folks find rosacea almost impossible to overcome. I think I gave myself a real advantage by taking steps to fight it as soon as possible. If you’ve got rosacea problems of your own, I advise you not to waste any time in putting together a treatment plan!


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