How Facials Can Affect Rosacea


cures for rosaceaMany women like to get facials. They see this as a way to pamper their skin to make it more attractive and youthful looking.

Even men are getting facials these days. Usually, facials can produce amazing results in normal skin, giving it a new glow and vitality.

However, for people who suffer from rosacea, the effects are quite different. A regular facial can aggravate their delicate skin condition.

Rosacea is a skin disorder that can be serious. There is no known cure right now. People who suffer from rosacea try to manage it by avoiding triggers and seeking treatment for the redness and bumps. They are often self-conscious about the way their face appears when they are out in the public. That is why measures must be taken to reduce the frequency of the flare-ups.

Your skin covers your entire body. It is the largest, single organ of your body. It is exposed to elements all day long, so it must be protected sufficiently for good skin health.

Doctors have not found any cures for rosacea, but they do know what can make the problem worse so that they can advise their patients on what to avoid. Many facial treatment techniques are not appropriate for people who suffer from rosacea.

When rosacea occurs, the small blood vessels on the facial skin dilate and are visibly seen on the surface of the skin. There are certain areas on the face that these are particularly noticeable, such as the T-zone on your face, areas around your nose, your chin, your cheeks, and your forehead.

Your skin will have a flushed appearance, then the redness will intensify. If the problem persists, the redness will be accompanied by the development of tiny bumps that resemble acne.

rosaceaFor rosacea sufferers, it is important that they choose their skincare products carefully so as to not apply ingredients that can trigger a flare-up. Products for sensitive skin should be used.

They need to read the label carefully to make sure that the products do not contain ingredients that can irritate their skin. Choosing the right products to use on the face will reduce the frequency and intensity of these flare-ups.

What is eaten in the diet is important as well. There are foods that are common triggers for rosacea flare-ups. Foods that are spicy, beverages that contain alcohol or are hot will cause blood vessels to dilate. That can trigger a flare-up of rosacea and intensify the redness on the face.

A lot of people who go for facials like to get dermabrasion or chemical peels. For normal skin, these treatments can improve the smoothness and texture. However, for people with Rosacea, this will aggravate the skin problem. These treatments exfoliate the skin’s top layer. This will not remove rosacea from the skin. On the contrary, it will make the blood vessels more apparent on your face.

Some people like to go for masks made from mud or clay. Remember that one of the most common triggers of rosacea is heat. That is why hot and spicy foods should be avoided.

A mask made from mud or clay generates heat and will hurt the skin of a person with rosacea. With that said, a mask can be made at home using oatmeal, olive oil and chamomile tea. These ingredients have skin calming and soothing properties that may provide some benefits to people with rosacea.

rosacea1A popular item to include a facial are Biore strips that go over the bridge of the nose, then peeled to removed dirt that is within the pores. These types of strips are very harsh for people with rosacea and must be avoided.

Any tools or applications that uses a suction method in a attempt to remove excess oil and dirt should also be avoided because they are too harsh on the thin, sensitive skin that has rosacea.

To manage rosacea effectively, one must minimize exposure to triggers. The radiation from the sun is another trigger that should be avoided. Before going outside, a broad-spectrum sunscreen should be applied liberally on affected skin. A product that contains zinc oxide is a good choice.

Also, a hat with a wide brim should be worn. Sun rays are the strongest between 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon. So, if possible, a person with rosacea should stay in the shade during those hours. Sunscreen should be worn on sunny and cloudy days.

Other environmental factors can trigger rosacea. Harsh winds can make the skin dry, which can make the skin problem worse. Therefore, protect the face with a scarf on a windy day. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin fully hydrated which will help control the flare-ups.

girl_close_up_face_blue_eyesWhen washing your face, it is important not to rub to hard. The physical motion of rubbing your face can be problematic.

Just gently apply a mild facial cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin, then rinse with cool water. You want to be as gentle as possible when touching the skin on your face.

Because your skin afflicted with rosacea is very sensitive, going for facials is not a good idea. Other alternatives must be explored to keep the skin as healthy as possible.

Things that cause rosacea must be avoided. When measures are taken to avoid triggers, a person with rosacea has a better chance to lead a normal life.


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