Is It True That Kefir Is Bad For Rosacea?


rosaceaThere are so many skin maladies that people have to deal with on a daily basis. You constantly hear about some of the most common and problematic ones like acne and eczema.

However, there is one that can sometimes be worse because it is very difficult if not impossible to hide. That skin condition is known as rosacea, and there are no known cures for this skin issue.

That said, there have been many products and food concoctions used to treat it. One that has been gaining some attention on this front is kefir. However, many wonder if something like kefir is bad for a condition like rosacea. After all, a lot of things can aggravate this condition. Keep reading to find out if kefir is one of those things.

Many people do not know what rosacea is. They think that it is merely some form of redness and that it is probably some kind of temporary response to something like embarrassment. Others think that it is a type of burn, such as a sunburn. These are both incorrect.

rosaceaRosacea is a legitimate non-contagious, chronic skin condition that not only results with the skin becoming a bright shade of red but also developing small pustules and little red lines that can occur almost anywhere, but most often around the center of the face.

Some people also experience swelling and redness on the nose and/or possibly in the eyes. For people that suffer with this condition, it is a cause of discomfort and embarrassment that is usually compounded by the fact that there is no cure for it.

Because it is often thought of to be acne or to be related to it, many think that the usual acne treatments will work to treat it. Unfortunately, they do not and can actually exasperate the condition since the skin is already compromised. There are many items that can trigger this condition, such as spicy food, drinking alcoholic beverages, heat and stress. Also, if left untreated, the condition can get worse as time goes on.

Untreated rosacea constantly turns skin red because of blood vessel dilation. However, if the dilation is allowed to occur for a long time, then it is possible for tiny blood vessels to become permanent, prominent red lines known as telangiectasias.

As far as treatments go for this condition, there are all kinds of natural and medicinal treatment like other skin ailments. You can find creams, washes, etc. to help reduce the redness. For some more serious issues, surgery can also be a possibility. However, many prefer to take a more natural approach like changes to the diet. One that has gained some attention with alleviating many skin symptoms is kefir.

kefieKefir is a popular, typically natural made dairy product. It is made from different types of fermented milk that is combined with different kinds of yeast, along with kefir grains, which is where it gets its name from.

The result is a dairy product that is akin to a thin, drinkable yogurt. The drink is renowned for containing many vital nutrients. In fact, it contains far more than regular milk because of the different products that go into it.

It contains high amounts of calcium, good lactic acid bacteria, lots of vitamins like Vitamin A and D, potassium, and folic acid. It contains a lot of tryptophan, which can help with relaxing the body and promoting sleep. One thing that is unique to it is kefiran, which helps to promote lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Due to how healthy this dairy product is supposed to be, it is no wonder that many people swear by it for treating rosacea. Many of the essential vitamins in it are used to promote a healthier nervous system, which is very important for sufferers of this skin condition.

Another important point is that it contains antimicrobial properties. These properties stem from the fact that kefir contains different kinds of yeasts. This is important since microbes can cause or exasperate these types of skin conditions.

microbesThe natural bacteria in this dairy product have been linked to fighting off internal issues that have been connected with causing inflammation and allergic reactions in the body.

Some have even claimed that because of this, their symptoms have been greatly reduced.

There is still a lot of studying to be done as to whether or not kefir is an effective treatment for rosacea. However, there does not appear to be anything wrong or bad about using it with this skin condition.

Regardless, just like any kind of change to your diet or treatment, you should still discuss it with your doctor first. It is always possible that it can cause other issues, such as increased irritation or possibly an allergic reaction due to its many components.


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