Is Laser Really The Best Treatment For Rosacea?


rosacea skin conditionDealing with rosacea on a regular basis can be problematic and stressful. With this skin condition, you will never know when your face will be bright red which could occur at inopportune moments.

For those that have had this condition all of their lives, they know that going out into the sun can cause it to happen.

Going on a skiing trip and experiencing high winds and freezing cold weather can also exacerbate the condition. Additionally, as you get older, you might notice that your nose starting to get a little bigger.

With pustules appearing from time to time. The worse that it becomes, the more likely it is that people will begin to research ways to get control of these problems, symptoms of this condition which has no cure.

Treatments That Work With Rosacea

rosaceaIf you do have rosacea, there are many treatments that will target the symptoms of this condition. For those that believe it is caused by bacteria, antibiotics will be prescribed.

Some believe that it is related to capillaries close to the surface of the skin which turned bright red when an increase in blood flow occurs, something that can naturally happen when you are in extreme elements or feeling embarrassed.

Regardless of how it has manifested on your skin, some of these treatments may work for you. One dermatologist may believe that demodex mites are to blame, the result of the feces that they produce causing infections, and another will believe that cathelicidins are to blame.

Professionals will always have treatments that they will recommend, yet you can also get over-the-counter remedies as well. Some of the best ones are sold over the Internet, and when looking at the feedback that they have received, you can use this to your advantage.

Best Creams For Rosacea

best creams for rosacea If it is a very mild case, something that only occurs every now and then, and if you wear makeup from time to time.

This can be used to simply cover up these areas, especially prior to a trip out into the cold weather which can cause it to flare up.

Antibiotics in creams can also help, treating the bacteria that tends to be present in those that have this skin disorder. Finally, there are natural creams that can be used produced by companies like Zenmed that have done the research, and created a product, that can help your skin feel and look better after one application.

But what if you would rather do something that could be more prominent, not requiring you to invest in these creams on a regular basis? One treatment that is expensive, but has worked for many people, is by using dermatological vascular lasers.

Using Lasers To Cure Rosacea

Lasers To Cure RosaceaDespite the fact that some people have received almost permanent results, a complete absence of the redness after a laser treatment, it may take a few treatments to get positive results, ones that will last for quite some time.

Intense pulsed light lasers, those that focus on a broad spectrum, or even lasers that focus on a single wave links, have been shown to be viable treatments for rosacea.

In particular, it is able to prevent the redness that is associated with a flareup of this condition, and the lasers are able to do their work because they can penetrate into the upper epidermis, target the capillaries that are responsible for the red coloration of the skin, and damaged the capillaries so that they are absorbed into the body.

Will a laser treatment work for you? You will probably never know until you try one out. It is common for people to have positive results, but they are never guaranteed. The medical industry is always trying to find new ways of dealing with rosacea, and the advent of these high-tech lasers which can affect the capillaries just beneath your skin, seems to be a great option for most people.

Talk to your doctor today, or your dermatologist, about this possible option if they have never brought it up before. It could be expensive, but if it only takes one or two treatments, it could save you a lifetime of embarrassment, as well as using creams on your face, a treatment that could finally eliminate rosacea once and for all.


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