Is There Any Ocular Rosacea Cure?


ocular rosacea cureOcular rosacea, very distressing condition, is a complication of the skin inflammatory disorder Rosacea. Aside from symptoms such as dryness of the eyes and corneal scarring, the patient may also experience severe psychological impacts such as depression. Ocular rosacea cannot be managed and eliminated just like other disorders. There is no exact Ocular rosacea cure as of yet. However, treatment methods are available to prevent the progression of the condition and to manage the signs and symptoms, promoting comfort of the patient. Rosacea, which is the primary disorder, is a long-term condition that is to be managed throughout the life of the patient.

Ocular Rosacea Cure

The Ocular Rosacea cure is not yet discovered by scientists and health experts. In fact, it is not easy to find its exact cure since the condition involves the immune system. However, with the use of several treatment options, patients with Ocular Rosacea can effectively function in the society and experience very mild forms of the condition’s signs and symptoms. The following are the treatment methods that are currently promoted by doctors and health experts for the management of Ocular Rosacea symptoms.

1. Use of antibiotics
Since the production of tears which is the primary defense of the eyes against invading elements has been decreased, several opportunistic microorganisms may take the chance and invade the eyes. Topical antibiotics such as tetracycline are often prescribed by physicians to help prevent the growth of microorganisms in the eyes and around it. Tetracycline is also said to have an effect on increasing the secretion production of meibomian glands and enhance tear production. These medications are usually applied in very low doses to prevent several side effects.

2. Steroids
Steroid medications are also prescribed to manage the inflammation caused by the condition. They are proven to be very effective in providing relief from ocular surface inflammation and promoting comfort of the patient. Steroids or corticosteroids are very important to prevent keratitis which is a complication of Ocular Rosacea. However, the use of the medication should strictly be done according to the physician’s advise to prevent harmful adverse effects.

3. Methods to increase tear production
Several natural methods can be effective in increasing tear production and enhancing meibomian gland secretion. These include applying warm compress, drinking a lot of fluid and home humidification methods. When the tear production is enhanced, the patient will experience lesser symptoms.

4. Artificial tears
Artificial tears are also applied to prevent the dryness of the eyes. It can be applied as often as necessary to promote the patient’s comfort. Some artificial tears are formulated with antibiotics to help in the prevention of infection.

5. Other methods
The following are other important modalities which can be used to prevent exacerbation of signs and symptoms.
-Take a healthy balanced diet to promote normal body functions.
-Maintain proper hygiene by washing the face with soap and water regularly.
-Avoid applying irritants around the eyes.
-Cleanse the eyelids regularly.

Ocular Rosacea is incurable but is manageable. Medical efforts together with the patient’s participation can be enough to make the patient become as functional and comfortable as possible.


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