Do You Know What Is Best For Rosacea?


rosaceaWe all try to do our best in order to stay healthy, but life is not always kind to us. Humans are living longer than ever, but this creates problems that did not used to exist.

As the body ages, things can start to go wrong with it. Only a handful of people get to old age fit and healthy. Many illnesses that used to be rare are now quite common due to our longevity.

One of these is called rosacea. Although this condition can appear in people around the age of 30, the chances of it occurring increase with age. There are no initial symptoms of rosacea, it just appears one day, and that is it then. It will be present for the rest of a person’s life. There is no cure for the condition, but then it is not serious either.

Although it can get worse over time, it can be managed well enough these days to maintain control of it. People who suffer from it want to know what best for rosacea? Although no cure exists, there are plenty of things that can be done to help those who have the problem.

DoctorThe first thing to do when it appears is to seek professional medical advice. A doctor is unlikely to prescribe anything for the condition, especially if it is mild, but they may offer some advice.

One thing that should be done is the application of a good moisturizer which contains vitamins E and D, as well as essential minerals. This should be applied to prevent the skin from drying out.

How many times a day will depend on an individual’s skin type. Facial cleansing creams should also be used to get rid of the dead skin, and to clean out the pores. Rosacea is thought to have genetic roots, although what the exact cause is has never been discovered.

What is known about it is that various things can set it off. Not everyone has the same reaction where rosacea is concerned. Some people may only get a red nose, or rosy cheeks. Other people may go a dark red around the central area of the face.

While those who come under the chronic class of the condition may have physical changes to the nose, visible blood vessels, and some pain sensation in the area. The latter only usually happens in older people who have not managed the condition very well. A flare up can happen rarely in some folk, and when it does, it may only last for a few seconds.

alcoholYet, at the other end of the spectrum, the coloring and visible blood vessels can be permanent. It can also get worse under some conditions such as changing from a warm temperature to a low one.

Some people with rosacea can suffer from episodes as they walk in and out of stores in the winter. Other causes are steam, milk based products, vegetables, cosmetics, spicy foods, alcohol and exercise.

Trying to figure out what the cause is in an individual can be a long process, as things need to be omitted one at a time. If a trigger is found, then it makes the management of the condition much easier.

For many, though, a trigger is never found, so they have to learn to live with it. If the condition gets worse, antihistamines can be used, these are usually sold to treat hay-fever, but they can work well for rosacea. Those people who do not like to go out with the condition, it is a simple case of using cosmetics to cover it up.


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