Locating The Best Rosacea Doctor In Chicago


rosacea skin conditionYou currently reside in Chicago? One of the reasons that people enjoy living in large cities is because there is so much available.

If you have a medical problem, you will likely be able to find a position that can help you right away, an expert in their field that will have the options and treatments that you need.

A skin condition called rosacea runs rampant through those of European descent, a condition where your skin will become red. Later on, it is possible that bumps could appear on your face, your nose could become much larger, and you could find it difficult to simply go outside in hot or cold weather and enjoy the nice day.

If you believe that you do have rosacea, you should find a clinic in the Chicago area that will be able to properly diagnose and treat this condition. Let’s look at how you can find the best rosacea doctor in Chicago, one that will have a treatment for you.

What Causes Rosacea?

dermatologistThis is a common question that is asked by many people, and the answer is always the same. It is not known what causes this skin disorder.

Scientists and doctors have many ideas, many of them leaning toward a genetic problem with your skin and its ability to deal with extreme conditions, including high stress levels, causing your face to get red. There is some agreement on what causes the redness to occur.

This is caused by capillaries that are near the surface level of your skin. So whether this happens on your neck, back, chest or on your face, the capillaries for some reason have been pushed upwards toward the surface, and the blood flow seems to be increased, due to an underlying condition in the skin itself.

For some doctors, blaming this on cathelicidins seems to be the proper diagnosis, along with elevated enzymes that can be treated with antibiotics. Other people believe that demodex mites are to blame, causing bacteria to get out of control because of a buildup of feces in the skin, leading to a reaction that causes your face to get red.

Until more definitive proof has been shown, dermatologists will continue to offer a wide scope of treatments that can tackle each of these many possible causative agents. Here are some of the treatments that work the best, ones that you can actually pick up at your local store to deal with the symptoms of rosacea.

Best Treatment Options For Rosacea Sufferers

zenmedIf you do have rosacea, the first thing that your doctor will recommend to some type of cream that can help with the redness that occurs.

If you go to your local store, you can get Zenmed or Prosacea, both of which have been shown to reduce the redness that happens almost immediately upon application.

For those that would like to treat the problem internally, you can get a prescription for the bacterial infection that you probably have.

Laser treatments are also effective, mostly because the redness is caused by capillaries, and by targeting the capillaries of the surface of your skin, causing them to be damaged, they will be absorbed into the body and there will be no way for the redness to reappear because the capillaries will be gone.

Living With This Condition

doctorEven if you do not go to a doctor to get the help that you need, there are ways that you can live with this condition. If you stay out of the sun for extended periods of time, avoid extremely cold weather, and try to keep your emotions in check, you may never actually have a severe flareup.

It is common for people to have a little color in their face, but if you want to get control of this condition, you should visit a Chicago-based rosacea physician that can help you out, offering a potential treatment.

Although these solutions do treat aspects of this condition, it is obvious that there is no cure. Sometimes it’s easier to just deal with the symptoms that come up without extravagant treatment options available, such as using a simple over-the-counter cream that can reduce the redness.

Just to be on the safe side, you should consider going to the best rosacea doctor in Chicago. This will give you peace of mind with a proper diagnosis, and the best treatment options that you can choose from to keep this skin condition under control.


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