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rosacea skin conditionRosacea is a chronic disorder of the facial skin that consists of flare ups and remissions and although not life-threatening it can be very life-disruptive.

The cause for rosacea is unknown and there is no cure but there are various treatments and therapies available to control and reverse the signs and symptoms.

While searching or undergoing medical therapy and treatment for rosacea there is no reason you cannot immediately deal with the visible symptoms through the magic of make-up. When looking for make-up to use there are various factors to take into consideration such as proper facial cleansing, make-up ingredients, tones and application.


To begin with remember that when it comes to treating and controlling your rosacea the sun is not your friend. The suns UV rays are one of the main triggers of rosacea symptoms so even on a cloudy day make sure you use a good sunscreen.

Choose a sunscreen that does not contain zinc and or titanium dioxide look for a product that contains a combination (less then twelve percent) microfine zinc and a chemical block or one that contains four to five chemical blocks and avoid anything that is highly waterproof.


rosaceaBeing as rosacea can cause embarrassing facial redness the desire to use make-up to cover and diminish the symptoms is understandable but it is essential to follow a daily cleaning routine to maintain a fresh clean face.

Stay away from products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate being as they can cause irritation.

It is suggested to choose a mild cleanser that contains ceramides and or glycerin that are rosacea friendly ingredients that help to gently remove the bacteria from your face all the while attracting much needed moisture. Top it off with some extra hydration by applying a humidifier, preferably a noncomedogenic moisturizer also containing ceramides that will seal in the moisture.

Ingredients and Tones

AlcoholWhen choosing your make-up reading the label is serious business you not only want fragrance-free products but it is highly recommended to avoid certain ingredients such as peppermint.

Witch hazel, alcohol,  menthol, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, salicylic acid and glycol acid being as these ingredients can aggravate your physical symptoms.

Other than the obvious choosing a tone that coincides with your natural skin tone it is important to avoid using a green base under your foundation; instead choose more yellow-tinted products that help cancel out your facial redness. Using a green base will make you look green or even give off a gray tone that will not go away regardless of how much foundation you apply.

Products and Procedures

When choosing a foundation to help cover your rosacea you want to look for something non-irritating and gentle that will give you perfect coverage without looking heavy and overdone. A couple of full coverage hypoallergenic options of foundation are as follows.

cover fxCover FX Total is a concealer and foundation with a natural finish it contains no oil, fragrance or parabens so it will not irritate your skin.

This 2-in-1 product also works as a barrier blocking wind, sun and pollution keeping your face fresh and protected.

Dermablend Cover Crème provides full coverage that covers redness completely while feeling light and fresh.

The Dermablend cosmetics lines provide various foundation options containing different SPF levels depending on your needs.

Mineral foundations and make-up in general are a great choice to use on rosacea. Mineral based make-up generally contains pure minerals that are free of preservatives, silicone, talc and chemical dyes. Sheer Cover is a mineral based foundation that also contains soothing green tea and various other calming botanicals to help refresh and calm the skin.

In general eyes are sensitive but with rosacea especially ocular rosacea they are even more sensitive than usual. Treat this area gently and apply ophthalmologist and allergy tested products that are designed for sensitive eyes. Choose a mascara and or eyeliner that are very easy to remove with warm water.

rosaceaMineral based powder eye shadow is a great choice if you may be prone to ocular rosacea symptoms and choosing neutral colors when it comes to shadows and pencils can be less irritating then stronger tones since they have less pigment.

You also want to avoid dark lip tones especially red since that will only accentuate the rosacea symptoms, a simple light close to your lip color tone and gloss will look perfect.

Dealing with rosacea does not mean you cannot look beautiful and fresh with the proper application of the perfect make-up tones. The process of choosing and applying your make up is important from the cleaning, application and removal take it one step at a time and you will find it can be easy to reduce your symptoms. Keep your face clean and moisturized, choose the proper make up ingredients and tones and apply lightly and you will feel fresh and beautiful all day long.


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