Natural and Medicinal Options – How to Treat Rosacea

Skinception RosaceaIf you have rosacea, you should know there is no way to cure it, but learning how to treat rosacea is something that you can do, to limit the flare ups, or minimize the appearance when you do experience a flare up. Depending on the severity of your condition, how often you flare up, and how red the spots are, different treatments might be better for some, while others will require something a little more mild when treating the condition. There are both medicinal and natural options you can consider, when trying to treat the condition.

1. Medication –
One of the easiest options to consider when you want to learn how to treat rosacea, is to take medication. There are different products, prescription and over the counter, which can help reduce the flare ups and the severity. Something like Metronidazole is a cream or gel you can apply a couple of times daily, to treat the dark red blotches. Azelaic acid is another product to try, which will help unclog your pores, to help with the appearance of the condition.

2. Antibiotics –
Another option to consider when learning how to treat rosacea is using antibiotics, which can be prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. They will generally prescribe a product to be used for a period of 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your condition, and causes, as well as the severity of it.

3. IPL (pulsed light treatment) –
This is a costly option, as it will take 2 to 6 sessions (or more), to attack the visible blood vessels that are sometimes associated with the condition. This option is going to use heat from the laser, to diminish the appearance of the blood vessels, or completely eliminate the appearance, depending on how bad your condition is. Once treated, the blood vessels should not reappear, but you do have to consider alternate options first, as this one is quite costly, and depending on the number of treatments you go in for, can really add up.

These are some of the medicinal options you have available to you, when looking for the best methods on how to treat rosacea. Depending on what your dermatologist suggests, the severity, and root causes of your condition, each doctor might offer a different solution to your problem. These are not going to eliminate the condition, but they are going to help lessen the frequency, as well as the severity, when you do experience the flare ups that are associated with the condition.

Natural options
In addition to medicinal options, when learning how to treat rosacea, you will also learn there are natural alternatives that work when treating this condition. Some of these follow.

1. Go raw –
In many cases, high acidity levels in your system can contribute to this, and other skin conditions that you might experience. So, when considering your diet, and the foods you consume on a daily basis, try to eliminate as much refined, processed, and high acidity foods you consume on a daily basis. With natural foods, fruits, veggies, all natural oils, and so forth, you are not only going to eliminate many of the flare ups and the severity, you are also going to feel better, and have a healthier diet as well.

2. Herbal supplements and enzymes –
Herbal supplements are also used to treat this condition. Depending on the cause, and what causes flare ups, certain herbal products are going to work better than others. You can also take pills that are called enzymes, and these help with your digestive system, to ensure it is in good working condition. Depending on your diet, and what is going on with your digestive tract, this might be a great alternate for some who are looking for methods on how to treat rosacea naturally.

3. Milk thistle –
This ingredient helps with the functions of your liver, and is a natural way to detox your system; this in turn is the ideal solution to treating this, or any other skin condition that you might have. Green tea, on the same note, also have natural antioxidants, and detox capabilities, which can help to clear the skin, and help eliminate many of the wastes in our system, which contribute to this, and other skin conditions that you may experience. They are not the only choices, but these are some readily available options to turn to, and are low cost, safe, and effective, when it comes to detoxing the system, and helping clear some of the flare ups that you experience.

4. Other herbs –
There are also a number of herbs, including reishi and gentian root, or burdock root, which have been said to help keep your intestinal system working the way it should. You can take these herbs in a pill form, or you can find them whole, and grind them in to tea, or some of the foods you consume. Regardless of how you choose to take them, when considering simple options on how to treat rosacea, simply including some of these in your daily routine, is a way to eliminate the skin condition, as well as other issues that are related to your intestinal system and digestive tract.

Of course depending on the condition, the severity, the intensity, and how often you experience the flare ups, these options for how to treat rosacea will vary for each person. Additionally, depending on the root cause of your condition, and whether or not you have any allergies, a dermatologist might suggest other alternatives for you to deal with this condition, and help lessen the appearance of it.

Knowing you cannot get rid of the condition is the first thing to consider when you want to learn how to treat rosacea. Since you can only lessen the appearance, and the frequency, you have to find the best methods for you. These are a few of the many options, both medicinal and all natural, for you to consider trying out, when you want to treat this skin condition, as well as other skin conditions or disorders you might live with.