Natural Treatments for Rosacea that Work


cure for rosaceaHaving a red face most of the times can be down right embarrassing, but millions of people around the world suffer from this skin condition. Most of them are not even aware of its symptoms, proper precautions and treatments for rosacea. Some of the rosacea symptoms include more visible pimples, and blood vessels than in an average person. If left untreated, it can create undue stress in your life, but proper cure for rosacea is there and can help you in getting rid of this condition forever.

Let’s have a close look at few tips to keep its symptoms under control and keep it fro getting worse:

  • You should watch out for triggers. Best thing is to keep a dairy of what you are eating, drinking and doing on the day rosacea appeared. Stress is also a common trigger so you should avoid it at all costs. Aside from this, you should avoid prolonged exposure to hot weather.
  • Another effective cure for rosacea is to protect your face. You should try to stay off the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. When you are out in open, you should wear a wide-brimmed visor or hat. You can use a sunscreen that has been rated SPF 15 or higher on daily basis. In case you have a dry skin, you should use a mild moisturizer with sunscreen.
  • You may not know but one of the best natural cure for rosacea is apple cider vinegar. It is a amazing treatment that works and shows results from day one. You can either take tablets, or add some vinegar to glass of water. You can get tablets from the health food stores.
  • You should avoid using chemical ingredients based creams and moisturizers. Use organic skin care products.
  • Take extra care of your eyes. You should wash them gently by using normal water. Also apply wet and warm cloth few times a day. You can also use artificial tear in case you fee dry eyes. Sometimes doctor prescribe medicine for this purpose.
  • You should avoid dinking too much of hot liquids such as tea or coffee. Also avoid war water in your shower. Heat can make redness of rosacea worse. Stay away from the hot tubs as your skin will then be difficult to deal with.
  • You can also use azelaic acid cream for curing rosacea. It is obtained from rye, barley and wheat. It has strong antimicrobial action and slows down the growth of skin bacteria and reduces skin redness, pustules and papules associated with rosacea.
  • Include vitamin B supplements in your diet because their deficiency can also lead to rosacea flare ups. You can also get vitamin B naturally from green vegetables and fruits such as avocadoes, pears, blueberries and banana. Alternatively you can also buy supplements from the market.
  • Many people with rosacea complain of indigestion, especially when they consume fatty food. One study has found that deficiency of pancreatic enzyme lipase may be the cause. So including such enzymes in your diet can show positive results and can help in curing this condition.

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