Pain Associated With Rosacea


Rosacea is a chronic skin conditionRosacea is a chronic skin condition, which can worsen as time passes by. There are countless myths associated with rosacea and what it entails.

There are questions surrounding the symptoms, treatment options, and whether or not rosacea causes pain.All of these questions have to be answered to help reduce the amount of misinformation being spread across the Internet.

Let’s take a glance at what some of the symptoms are for rosacea patients and whether or not it causes pain.

Sensitive Skin Due To Blood Vessels

One of the most common signs of having rosacea comes in the form of sensitive skin. The skin will be sensitive to any form of stress that is placed on it. This can lead to a lot of additional symptoms flaring up and being inflamed.

Rosacea causing the blood vessels in the body to dilate and that can create sensitivity in the skin. The assumption by most individuals is the actual skin is sensitive, but instead it is the blood vessels that are doing the damage.

Sensitive skin does not always have to be associated with the skin itself and this can become a noticeable physical change for rosacea patients.

Inflamed Blood Vessels

Inflamed Blood VesselsThis is usually later on as the rosacea has truly kicked in and started acting up. The blood vessels in the body will start to swell and this will cause them to ‘pop’ up and become more visible on the surface of the skin.

This is when the condition becomes more worrisome and is a sign of requiring treatment as soon as possible to reduce the swelling and related hyper activity.

The skin will start to lose its glow and it will become quite rough to the touch, which is a concern for anyone suffering from rosacea.


If the blood vessels are being put under extreme distress, they will start to swell up and become visible on the surface of the skin.

This will come out in a fluid form as the swelling becomes more and more visible. The reason for the blood vessels flaring up is because there is excess protein and related fluid in the vessel and it requires space.


In the beginning, the small spots will not be as noticeable as they might be in any other condition. However, as time passes by, it becomes more and more obvious as to how much the rosacea is wreaking havoc on the skin.

The skin will start to get inflamed and this will lead to redness on the surface. Generally, this redness will not go away until the root cause is taken care of. This requires specifically designed treatment options that are going to target the core issue.

The redness is caused because of those blood vessels popping up and causing the blood flow to move towards the surface of the skin. There are a range of patterns this redness can come in and each individual is different in this regard.

Bloodshot Eyes

Some patients tend to complain about having bloodshot eyes and how they are feeling sensitivity around the ocular area.

reduce the effect of the skin conditionRosacea can be a major reason for this and it becomes important to reduce the effect of the skin condition before it causes the eyes to become even more bloodshot.

Not only does this cause eye irritation, but it also leads to pain and that is never a good thing. Rosacea that is around the eye area will tend to cause a gritty sense of pain for the patient.


So, does this skin condition cause pain for those suffering from it/ Yes, in some cases the rosacea will start to cause pain and that can cause a lot of discomfort.

This usually occurs when the condition has worsened and/or the rosacea has been triggered into overdrive.

The pain will not be there during the initial outbreak on the skin, but it will if there is constant itchiness. If the skin is continually irritated, this will lead to the sensation of pain that can become intolerable.

If the skin is sensitive, it will also become more prone to reacting to other pressures such as sunlight. Thus, it becomes imperative to always protect oneself.


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