Reasons For Redness In The Face


Rosacea Redness Whenever you look in the mirror, is your face red? This is something a lot of people fear over because it does not make them look as nice as they would prefer.

It is critical to understand there are a range of reasons as to why you could be dealing with this redness and it does not always have to be what you are thinking.

For most people, the first thing they are going to assume is a skin condition in the form of rosacea. It does not always have to be, although this is one possibility.


Women have to deal with this and indeed if you have menopause you are going to see redness in your face. You should not ignore this as there is nothing worse than seeing major hormonal changes in the body, but this is a natural occurrence and one that cannot be avoided. As this is the case, you should be willing to deal with the menopause and watch as the redness is going to go away on its own as you had been hoping for it to go away. Don’t let the situation get to your head as many do.

Short Term Stress

stressed womenIf you have any kind of stress in your life, you are going to begin to notice how the redness in your face begins to pop up as well. If you are not careful, the stress is going to have a major impact on the rest of your life as well and this is not a good situation to be in.

If you are able to, find a way to relax and get away from the stress as that is not a good situation to be in. Always make sure you are as careful as you can be with regards to dealing with stress.


For those who have thyroid, you are also going to notice this flushing occur. It is a natural reaction and should not be avoided by those who want to stay as healthy as possible. The beauty of thyroid has to do with being able to treat it and not letting it effect your life as a whole. As long as you are taking what has been prescribed by your doctor, you should be good to go with regards to the thyroid. When you deal with the thyroid, you will notice the redness go away as well as needed.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster HeadachesIf you have cluster headaches where they come in spurts, you are going to notice redness in the face as well.

These headaches can be frustrating and take the will right out of you and one of the symptoms you are going to see would be the flushing of your face.

Try to treat the headaches and you will notice the redness is going to go away as well. It is a way of the blood rushing to the head in order to deal with the pain you are feeling at the moment from the headaches.


Do you have fears that are hard to deal with? Let’s assume you are scared of spiders or the dark? These are some reasons why your face is going red and you are starting to get scared. This is a natural reaction from the body when you are in fear.

You are going to have short bursts of redness, but they are going to go away unless you are in the situation for too long. This is why it is important to either face your fears or stay away from them as much as you can in order to control the phobia.

Not High Blood Pressure

high blood pressureThis is one of the biggest assumptions made by people when it comes to redness in their face. They will begin to think it has to do with high blood pressure as the blood is ‘rising’ into their face.

This is not how blood pressure works and assuming this is the case is a myth. High blood pressure is never going to cause flushing and you should not be worrying about this at all. There are other symptoms to showcase whether your blood pressure is high or low.

As shown here, there are many other reasons as to why you can have redness in the face and assuming it is rosacea is the wrong way to go about things and you are only going to be putting yourself under stress. Of course, the body is going to be telling you something if the face is going red and you should never be ignoring it.

This is the worst mistake a person can make when their face starts to flush and they realize it is happening. A simple mirror check will let you know about the redness, so don’t ignore it.


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