Remedies for Rosacea and its Treatment


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness on your nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. It may cause swelling and little skin bumps on the affected part of the faces. It can also cause soreness and burning in the eyes. Having this skin condition can cause the patient to lose their confidence at work or in social situations. Therefore rosacea treatments and remedies for rosacea are crucial to improve their skin conditon, allowing them to regain their confidence again.

Causes of Rosacea

Though there are many theories as to what causes rosacea, the exact cause of this condition is still unknown. Research have shown that there is something that irritates the skin that causes rosacea, but it does not seem to be an infection that is caused by bacteria.

They also tend to run in families and affect people who are generally have fairer skin and blush easily. Skin specialists also feel that the abnormalities in the blood vessels of the patient’s face may be one of the factors that causes rosacea. Patients with rosacea have noticed that certain triggers will make their condition worse. Some of the triggers include exposure to sunlight, stress, cold weather, caffeine and spicy food. Learning how to identify and avoiding these triggers can help a patient to control the symptoms.

Rosacea Treatment

There is no known cure for rosacea at the moment but there are available treatment to keep the skin condition under control. The initial rosacea treatment is to avoid the known triggers that will make the condition worse. Making these lifestyle or diet changes will help control the condition.

There are two type of rosacea treatment, one of which is the topical treatment, a skin based treatment which uses relief creams. The other is oral treatment where the patient would have to take the medicine by swallowing. Some patients take antibiotics to fight that bacteria at the surface of their skin.

Remedies for Rosacea: Relief Creams

Rosacea relief cream usually contain all natural anti inflammatory ingredients that can decrease the flushing and redness. These botanicals that are found in the cream can also help constrict the blood vessels that are near the surface of the skin.

The effectiveness of the rosacea relief creams have led many patients to use them for their pain relief. They also contain bacteria fighting substances that can kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin. The best part is that they work immediately and it helps prevent the breakouts that are caused by rosacea.

For more severe rosacea patients, they may be prescribed with a combination of relief creams and oral antibiotics. It is crucial to remember that they work together to fight the skin condition, so do not stop one. The relief cream and the oral antibiotics target different rosacea causes. In less severe rosacea cases, a relief cream would suffice.

If you have been suffering from rosacea and its effect like esteem and confidence issues, the rosacea treatment using the relief cream may the answer to solving your rosacea.


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