Rosacea Airbrush Makeup – Does It Really Work?


redness on faceWhen an individual is starting to notice that they have a semi-permanent redness to their face, specifically around their cheeks and forehead, they may wonder what is actually going on.

They may also notice that when they eat certain foods, drink certain beverages, or experience extreme environmental conditions, the redness becomes more prominent.

If you are in your 30s, and you have started to notice these symptomatic occurrences on your face, it is possible that you may actually have a skin condition by the name of rosacea that affects millions of people. If you are of European descent, specifically if you are British or Irish, it is very likely that you do have this skin disease. It is the result of your genetics more than anything else, and to date there is actually no cure.

The reason that there is no cure that works for everyone is that it is really not known what causes the condition to manifest. Many people have speculated that it has to do with mites that are living just under the skin, or bacterial outbreaks, all of which cause the capillaries beneath the upper level of your skin to be seen much more easily. Nodules may also develop on your nose, causing it to be deformed, something that typically happens to these European men.

rosaceaRegardless of what causes it, it’s always good to know that you can cover it up if you need to, which is where airbrush makeup comes in.

To understand why this particular type of makeup will work the best with rosacea, you must first have a little bit of a background on what causes the condition, and also look at ways to prevent it from happening.

Makeup is something that most people can use in order to conceal problems like the redness of rosacea, and there are a few that are better than others.

Why Rosacea Begins To Show Up

Going back to the discussion of what causes rosacea to occur, it really begins with looking at what has triggered this condition in the first place. You may have done many things in your life that were very regular, such as going on to the beach to get a tan, or going into cold areas where you can do some skiing, or perhaps letting with friends. Life can usually bring very stressful situations, and sometimes we can experience a great deal of anxiety.

drinkHaving drinks with your buddies, and getting plastered, are simply a part of life for many people. All of these aforementioned things can actually lead to a rosacea breakout.

It is basically and in balance within the body such as dealing with extreme conditions, changes in your body due to the consumables that you have that day.

And hormonal changes that are the result of extreme amounts of anger or duress that can make this condition much more common on your face. Now that you know the triggers or causative agents, it’s time to consider some of the solutions that have been proposed by those that have been studying this skin problem for many years.

Potential Treatments For Rosacea That Might Work

Instead of moving directly into wearing some type of foundation or makeup that can cover up the redness, you might want to consider some of the options that medical professionals have come up with over the years in order to prevent it from happening.

DoxycyclineThis would be much easier, and probably much more cost effective to simply not have to deal with the redness at all.

An example of this would be going in for some antibiotics like tetracycline or doxycycline, the same type of medications that are often prescribed for acne.

This is because it is possible that an overabundance of bacteria beneath the skin is leading to the redness that occurs.

The bacteria can cause inflammation, and with inflammation the capillaries beneath the surface of the skin can be seen much more readily as the body naturally tries to send more blood to the cells of your skin in order to fight the problem.

You could also try to take some of the medical treatments that are available for Demodex mites that might be living beneath the surface of your skin causing the bacteria to occur, effectively ending the problem where it starts.

But for most people, it is simply the result of a genetic predisposition to developing the redness of your skin when extreme conditions are experienced. People that will not develop rosacea can experience the exact same internal and external conditions and not have this occur at all.

That’s why it might be your best option, if you can’t get a handle on it by changing your diet, or using available medications, two use some type of cosmetic cover so as to hide the redness caused by this skin condition.

Rosacea Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeupAirbrush makeup is a type of cosmetic foundation that is applied using an airbrush, similar to how you would paint models that you are working on it home.

Instead of using your fingers, brushes or sponges to apply the foundation to your face, this makeup is simply sprayed on.

Originally developed for the movie Ben Hur with Charlton Heston back in the 1950s, it has become a very popular alternative to using liquid foundation or powders. In regard to rosacea, you can use the products available from Temptu, Dinair or Luminess.

In order to get the desired effect. The cost of these kits starts out around $100, and can be in excess of several hundred dollars depending upon the company that you purchase them from.

They will allow you to easily spray makeup on to your face, quickly covering the redness caused by rosacea, giving you the confidence that you deserve, especially when going out into extremely cold weather, hot weather, or if you are dealing with a great deal of stress in your life and do not want to worry about the unsightly redness that will occur.


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