Rosacea Ayurveda Treatments That Actually Work


Rosacea RednessDo you occasionally have what looks like a rash on your skin, more like a sunburn that appears out of nowhere? Have you had pustules or nodules appear on your nose, yet you do not have acne?

If these things have happened to you, it is possible that you have rosacea. This is a condition that typically afflicts those that are of European descent, specifically from Ireland or Scotland.

It can be very debilitating, not to mention embarrassing, because of how these rosacea outbreaks can just show up. There is a treatment option that many people are turning to, something that is outside of the natural or medical treatments that are available, something that is called Ayurveda. This is how you can use this ancient practice from India to help you with your rosacea starting today.

What Is Ayurveda Question Mark

Ayurvedic MedicineThis is a type of medicine that is thought to be one of the oldest holistic forms of healing in the world, a whole body healing system that millions of people have taken advantage of worldwide.

It was actually developed in the country of India, thousands of years ago, and it is still being used today.  They believe that there is a connection between your mind.

Your body and your spirit that has a definite effect on your health and your well-being. Ayurvedic medicine is primarily focused on promoting good health, unlike Western medicine which is all about treating the problem after it occurs.

Understanding Ayurveda

This form of medicine is based on the fact that everything in the universe is connected. If you are going to have good health, then you need to have harmony with the universe, and any disruption of this balance is going to lead to sickness or poor health.

Those that practice this form of medicine believe that these disruptions could actually result from climate changes, seasonal changes, or emotional problems that you are currently going through. By getting everything under control, or at least to the best of your ability, you may start to see your illnesses go away. So how does this relate to rosacea and how can it help with this skin condition that actually does not have a known cure?

Overview Of Rosacea

rosaceaRosacea is a skin condition which causes a person’s face to get red, looking very similar to blushing. Referred to as the curse of the Celts, it is genetically passed down from generation to generation, and can appear in several different forms.

The primary cause of this condition is not known, although causative factors are well known by those that study this disease. If you are in a wind, if it is extremely hot, or if you experience extreme cold outside, it can exacerbate this condition right away.

You can also see a flare up if you are drinking foods that have histamines, or if you are eating spicy food or drinking coffee. If you are taking medications like steroids, this can also induce this condition, especially nasal steroids that are used by so many people that have colds and allergies. This being said, there are some possible causes that can be identified other than triggers, a few of which we will now present.

Three Possible Causes Of Rosacea

Cathelicidins could be one of the main reasons that people have rosacea. Antibiotics used to treat those that have these enzymes have seen a noticeable change in the redness that will appear. Demodex mites may also be to blame, living underneath the upper layer of the skin, with their feces causing bacteria to erupt and cause inflammation.

And finally, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth may also happen, leading to the skin lesions that can occur with those that have rosacea. The key is to get these conditions under control, and all of this is possible by using Ayurveda.

Rosacea Ayurveda Treatments That Actually Work

AyurvedicIn Ayurvedic thinking, there are three things called kapha, pitta and vata which can affect our body in a positive or negative way. By getting your life back into balance, these energies will be balanced, potentially allowing rosacea to not occur.

Additionally, those who practice Ayurvedic medicine will also recommend that you need to take vitamin B2 in order to deal with this problem. It is this lack of this essential vitamin that seems to be the reason that rosacea will have flareups.

Therefore, according to Ayurvedic medicine, there are two ways to potentially handle rosacea so that it does not come back again. It has to do with bringing your body back into balance, and also taking vitamin B2 which can repair certain digestive difficulties that may directly be causing rosacea outbreaks to occur.

Although it is recommended that you consider all of your options, using both the wisdom of Western and Eastern medicine, keep an open mind to the possibility that the outbreaks that you have had all of your life may be the result of emotional imbalance and intestinal problems.


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