Rosacea Cream and Other Treatments


If you are one of the multitudes of individuals with Rosacea, there are numerous ways to help keep this condition under control. There are some things that you may do on you own such as avoiding triggers. Other approaches include Rosacea cream, medications as well as laser treatments.

Any treatments might vary dependent on the kind of Rosacea you have. The majority of the Rosacea cream as well as medications that are oral are more effective on people with Rosacea that is papulopustular (symptoms may include facial redness, small pimples, and red lines on the cheeks). Even when the treatment does work and the symptoms fade, you still must remain on the treatment to stop further flare ups. Your primary care physician can combine a few approaches, such as using multiple creams as well as drugs.

Rosacea Cream Treatment Options

Gels and creams your physician might apply include:

  • Topical metronidazole sold as MetroCream or MetroGel – antibiotic Rosacea cream
  • Other antibiotic creams consists of Cleocin and Clinda-Darm
  • Azelaic acid sold as Azelex and Finacea
  • Sodium sulfacetamide and sulphur sold as Clenia and Plexion
  • Tretinoin which is a retinoid is used in some hard to treat cases

Most Rosacea treatments can have side effects such as skin irritation and some are not safe for pregnant women.

Oral Antibiotics

These are suggested if the Rosacea is more severe and does not respond to any ointment.

  • Minocyline – sold as Dynacin
  • Erthromycin – sold as ERYC
  • Metronidazole – sold as Flagyl
  • Doxycycline – sold as Vibramycin

Oral antibiotics can also cause side effects. Treatment is normally long-term, usually lasting at least six months.

Other Rosacea Treatments

There are also other Rosacea treatments when the above does not work.

  • Ocular Rosacea – treated with liquid tears and daily cleaning of the eyelids
  • Laser treatment to get rid of redness as well as the visible blood vessels
  • Laser or surgery therapy for Rhinophyma which is a rare Rosacea that causes the nose to deform

Physicians have many ways of treating the different forms of Rosacea, but at times there seems to be nothing that works.

Rosacea and Its Psychological Effects

It is not only the skin disease of Rosacea that is harmful, but individuals with Rosacea might also become embarrassed about their appearance. Some begin to avoid social situations, and due to its symptoms such as a large red nose and red cheeks, some with Rosacea are often thought to be heavy drinkers which also can be quite embarrassing.

If you have this disorder and the Rosacea symptoms are causing a large impact on your self-esteem and mood, do something about it immediately. Treatment for the symptoms is the main option, but you can also ask your physician about the use of cosmetics in order to cover up the affected patches of skin. If you are depressed or anxious, you can also benefit greatly by medications together with counselling. Never just ignore the signs or symptoms of depression or anxiety. Speak to your healthcare provider so that you can get the help you need.

A New Rosacea Cream System

There is a new Rosacea cream that has just been introduced on the market that is said to soothe all the features of Rosacea-prone skin. This new therapy is a system that is called ZENMED Skin Support System. It claims to provide relief from blotchiness, redness, visible blood vessels and breakouts which are the common annoying symptoms that develop with Rosacea skincare.

This is a unique three step system that is called the “no-risk” alternative to prescription and laser treatments that are so expensive. Most of those who have used this system have seen results in as soon as the first application. It includes anti-inflammatory ingredients that have long been known to decrease visible redness and flushing together with all natural agents to fight bacteria. These work directly to aid the eradication of any bacteria on the skin surface in order to avert breakouts that often go along with Rosacea.

This new Rosacea cream system also makes use of all natural collagen boosters as the collagen networks of those with this disorder have become weakened. By maintaining and strengthening this network, they help to boost themselves to preventing flare-ups and help skin to heal faster. The key to the management of skin with Rosacea is to recognize that the suffering skin is an inflammatory response and that no harsh cleansers or toners should be used. That is the answer that this new system and Rosacea cream brings to the skin to help with the distress of this disorder. 


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