Rosacea Cream For The Face And Other Treatments


treatment for rosaceaRosacea cream for the face is a medication often used to treat the skin disease which causes swelling and redness. It can take a long time to develop, so the sooner treatment starts with a cream, the better the results will be. The disease generally starts with blushing or redness appearing on the face, usually the central part around the nose area.

As it progresses some regions can become permanently red, and it can spread outwards to the forehead and chin. As the problem ages, small pimples may appear, and the small blood vessels near the surface may dilate and become more prominent.

If you notice more redness in a certain area of the face, and maybe more blood vessels appearing then the first thing to do is make an appointment to visit a dermatologist. They will advise you on the best way to proceed, which in some cases will include rosacea cream for the face as part of the treatment.

Although it can appear in younger people, it is much more common in individuals who have passed middle age. In the worst cases, the affected area can become itchy and sore, and it can affect how a person feels, especially if the nose becomes red and inflamed. If it is left alone, it will only get worse, your body cannot repair this problem on its own.

Rosacea Causes

Science has yet to discover the exact underlying cause of the problem, but certain things have been reported as being involved in the disease:

  • It has long been known that using steroidal creams on the face over the long term can cause other problems in the future, and this may be one of them.
  • Some of the inflammation is caused by problems with the blood vessels near the surface.
  • People of Celtic heritage have proven to be more susceptible to rosacea, and so it may be genetic in certain cases.
  • It may be autoimmune related, with your own body’s immune system attacking itself.
  • The Dermodex Follicularum mite lives quite happily on human skin and is unnoticeable. Higher levels of this mite have been shown to increase the risk of rosacea.

Signs Of Rosacea

  • Constant itchiness on parts of the face.
  • Red areas appearing on the face for no reason, similar to when you blush, and remaining for longer than a blush.
  • Small lumps or cysts may appear that do not clear up after a few days.
  • Blood vessels start to appear just below the skin that never used to be visible.

Rosacea is quite common in people, in fact statistics show that around 10% of people will suffer from it, although in most cases it is very mild. It does seem to appear in more people who have skin that is fair, and more woman are susceptible to it once that have passed through the menopause.

Rosacea Triggers

  • Certain drugs that affect the behavior of blood vessels can make it worse.
  • As with a lot of things associated with the skin these days, sunlight may increase the risk of rosacea. It can cause more irritation and redness. It is recommended to use a factor 15 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.
  • If you are using steroid creams on your face, then stop immediately.
  • Shaving, whether wet or dry, can make it worse in men. Try a shaving foam with a moisturizer.
  • Being in the cold or in the wind can make the rosacea more pronounced.

Treatment For Rosacea

Although rosacea cannot be cured, it can be treated and kept under control. It is advisable to visit a doctor or dermatologist rather than treating yourself, however, there are plenty of rosacea facial creams available for the face either online or at a pharmacy.

In some cases a number of treatments may be used, such as antibiotics to try and clear up the tiny spots that appear, while laser can be used on the blood vessels. Each person usually requires treatment designed just for them as it is not the same for everyone. Do not expect instant results with treatment though, as it can take a few weeks to months to work.

If you do discover that you have rosacea, do not worry, as it is not dangerous to your health, and kept under control, you can carry on life as normal.


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