Rosacea Facts and How Rosacea Skin Care Can Improve the Skin Condition


It is just normal when people are thinking about the right rosacea skin care when they suffer from the skin issue. Most people think that rosacea and acne are the same, but they are completely different. Although they are both categorized in skin issue, they have different traits and also treatments.

Rosacea is the condition where the skin is bumpy and redness appears. Sometimes, the capillaries veins would be visible on the skin, making the redness get worse. The skin structure and texture becomes coarse, rough, and bumpy. However, unlike the acne, there is no filling on that bumpiness. Acne usually is filled with comedones, blackheads, or whiteheads, but the rosacea won’t contain anything within the bump. Another difference of rosacea and acne is the time period. Acne is called as the teenage skin disorder because it happens during adolescent period; rosacea, on the other hand, is called as the adult acne because it won’t appear until people reach 30 years of age. Acne can also happen to other body parts that are humid or oily, but rosacea is only happening on the facial area.

In rosacea, the main problem of the skin disorder is the severe redness. In some severe cases, it is possible that people would experience enlargement of the skin. Their nose will be bulbous, for example, or their eye lids would become heavy and thick. Fortunately, however, such issue is very rare to happen because most rosacea issue is considered quite mild. The severity of the redness depends on several factors. Sun ray exposure, extreme temperature or weather, spicy food, alcohol, or hot beverages can make the capillaries dilate, making the swelling and the redness more visible and get worse. Emotional triggers are also possible, along with certain medications – usually in form of topical or oral medicines. That’s why people need to be extra careful when choosing the right type of rosacea skin care if they want to treat the issue.

Rosacea can happen to both women and men, although most people think that such issue can only happen to women. Unfortunately, rosacea is a disorder that isn’t curable, but people can control the issue – if they know how. If they apply the right treatments and care, the redness won’t be visible too much and the condition won’t get too severe. Keep in mind that most people with mild rosacea won’t bother looking for the right treatment because they aren’t bothered by the issue. But in case people want to have fast and speedy treatment, they can also try several methods like the intense pulsing light, laser, Accutane, or photodynamic therapy. These methods are considered handy enough to cover up the rosacea and hide the issues. These methods can last for months or even years. However, people may have to spend quite a lot of money and they have to undergo the similar treatments after some time.

Other possible rosacea skin care methods would include topical cream, antibiotic pills, and also antibacterial washes. But it is important to remember that people need to always consult their doctors so they can get the best solution and result.


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