Rosacea Home Remedies That Work

Rosacea can be the cause of embarrassment and pain to a lot of people. Because the skin condition can result in sores, painful pimples, and red patches on the body and face, many people prefer rosacea home remedies in order to avoid going to the doctor or purchasing products at the store that may cause them embarrassment. Thankfully for these people, there are many rosacea home remedies that work well to control symptoms and outbreaks.

The most important of the rosacea home remedies is identifying rosacea symptom triggers. These triggers include anything that causes a person to experience flushing, redness, and sores. The best way to monitor triggers and outbreaks is to use a diary or calendar to mark the day’s events, what food was eaten, and the level of severity of the rosacea symptoms. Once triggers are identified or suspected, it is best to avoid the situation, event, food, etc., to maintain some control over rosacea outbreaks.

Rosacea home remedies – The “Don’t” List

When searching for rosacea home remedies, whether online or in medical journals, readers often come across lists of what not to do in order to treat rosacea. These lists are considered rosacea home remedies because they tend to involve actions, and each action is up to the person with the skin condition. Before anyone begins taking medication, applying a lot of topical creams, or heading to the whole foods store for rosacea home remedies, remember that each person is responsible for his or her actions, and these actions can have profound effects on a person’s body.

Those who suffer from rosacea should avoid using any harsh chemicals or solvents on their faces. Avoid alcohol, make-up remover, astringents, witch hazel, pore-clogging make-up, pore-clogging sunscreen, exfoliants, scrubs, and harsh shampoos. All of these products can irritate the skin and worsen rosacea. Home remedies that address these products are easy to do. Choose gentle cleansers that are noncomedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores. And stick to all-natural cleansers, toothpaste and shampoo that don’t use chemicals or byproducts.

Avoid alcohol (beer and wine especially), spicy foods, hot beverages, and sugary foods. All of these are known triggers for many forms of rosacea. Also, stay away from any foods that cause an allergic reaction, even if the reaction is minimal.

What to do for rosacea home remedies

Being a neat and clean person is probably the easiest of the rosacea home remedies. Those who keep their faces clean can see improvements more quickly than those who are exposed to irritants in their homes. Dust and vacuum often to avoid tiny irritants. Also, wash towels and pillow cases at least once a week, if not more often, to eliminate dead skin, dust, mites, and bacteria that can grow quickly on these surfaces. People who sweat at night should adjust fans or air conditioners to make the room a little colder than usual to help stay cool and dry. Sleeping on a sweating pillow case isn’t good for anyone’s skin, especially those who are looking to treat their skin condition with rosacea home remedies.

Eat a healthy diet and talk to a doctor about taking vitamins and supplements. Unhealthy food can cause people to sweat and gain weight. Rosacea is linked to cardiovascular health, so when an individual’s heart is healthy, and his or her arteries are not clogged, blood can flow more easily. Extra weight causes stress on the heart, arteries, and blood vessels, which can worsen rosacea symptoms, so rosacea home remedies almost always include a healthy diet. Vitamins A, B, C, and D can lessen the severity of outbreaks, too. Those who don’t get enough of these vitamins in their daily diets should consider eating different food or taking supplements.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and Omega 3 oils are part of many effective rosacea home remedies. Blackberries, blueberries, and cherries constrict blood vessels, which will lessen the appearance of rosacea. Other foods to choose include salmon, flaxseed, fresh vegetables, brown rice, whole grains, lean turkey, and plenty of water. Skip processed or frozen food, anything containing refined sugar, and limit the intake of sugary fruits. Water and cranberry juice help cleanse the body and are healthy alternatives to other types of drinks.

Completely revamping an eating routine and diet can be difficult to do all at once. It is often suggested that rosacea home remedies that include a significant change in diet to be implemented slowly, over the course of one week or two weeks. By altering a diet slowly, it is easier to avoid unwanted side effects, such as diarrhea or constipation. Additionally, if one type of food causes symptoms to worsen, it will be more difficult to pinpoint the culprit when there are multiple variables involved. Write the old diet and the new diet in detail in a journal to track rosacea home remedies.

Alternative rosacea home remedies

Stress is a main contributor to rosacea outbreaks. When we’re stressed, a lot of bad things happen inside our bodies, and sometimes outside of them, too. Stressed individuals have higher blood pressure, anxiety, sleep disorders, poor diets, migraines, ulcers, fatigue, and even depression. Rosacea home remedies that focus on reducing stress, and by default reducing rosacea symptoms, include yoga, swimming, meditation, deep breathing, and other stress-reducing techniques. When stressful situations arise, take a few deep breaths and take a walk around the block, sit in a quiet area, listen to a favorite song, do a few jumping jacks, or get a massage. Individuals who have difficulty in relieving stress should talk to a doctor, therapist, or counselor, and even consider changing careers to a profession that is easier to handle emotionally.

Some people have more severe cases of the skin condition in which rosacea home remedies alone cannot alleviate. Those who have tried natural remedies and see no improvements within two or three months should consult a doctor to consider other alternatives. While rosacea home remedies can be cheap and effective, very painful sores and eye rosacea may require medical attention.

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