Rosacea Remedy – Skin Treatments That Reduce Redness


Rosacea is often confused with Acne as it is characterized by red blotches in the skin. Actually, this skin disorder is not harmful till it reaches the eyes. The condition generally affects people with fair skin and older women are more susceptible. The common symptoms of the disease include appearance of red spots on the face that further increase on rubbing. In some cases, red vessels may appear on the face. The disease can be caused due to a number of factors including genetic causes, skin irritation due to sunlight, stress, bacterial infections and unhealthy diet. So far as the rosacea remedy is concerned, there are options like drugs (generally antibiotics), dietary changes and herbal remedies. This post explains in detail the different approaches to rosacea treatment.

Use of Antibiotics

Most of the doctors prescribe antibiotics for treating rosacea. This is recommended in emergency cases when the disease has progressed to vital parts like eyes. These antibiotics benefit in the disease by treating bacterial infections. However, just like any other chemical drug, antibiotics also have some side effects. It is observed that the amount of yeast in the body increases after using antibiotics for longer duration This can result in yeast infections. However, these side effects do not occur in every individual. Sometimes, the side effects can be controlled by dosage reduction too. In order to avoid these side effects, it is advised to go for herbal methods for rosacea remedy.

Dietary Changes

One can control the symptoms of rosacea by simple changes in the diet. Firstly, the use of hot beverages like tea and coffee should be avoided. This is because of the fact that hot water can make the condition worse by increasing the redness. Again, one should drink a lot of water throughout the day. It is recommended for a person suffering from rosacea to drink 3-4 liters of water. Another important requirement is to avoid acidic food items at any cost. Instead, consumption of alkaline food items like carrots, spinach and salads can be extremely beneficial. Another item to include in the diet is garlic. Garlic has been known for anti-bacterial properties for years. Garlic tablets are also available in the market nowadays but taking natural garlic in the diet can give better results. Regular intake of garlic has shown excellent results in individuals suffering from rosacea.

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Some natural remedies are also effective in reducing the redness on the face caused due to this disease. The best thing about the natural treatment is that they are free from any side effects. Moreover, they are much cheaper in comparison to chemical drugs. Applying camphor oil after washing the face can give good results. Similarly, application of lavender oil to the affected parts can also give good results. Lavender oil helps by healing the damaged skin and thus reduces the redness. It should be applied in a steam room for best results. Emu oil is also capable of reducing the skin infections and thus can be used for rosacea remedy.


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