Rosacea Skin Desease


Rosacea skin is an inflammatory skin disorder that mostly affects areas of the face that usually blush i.e. near the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. When a person is affected by rosacea, he/she may find red spots and cysts on the face. The most venerable are people with light skin. It’s mostly common in women compared to men, but when men are affected it can be very severe. Rosacea doesn’t have whiteheads or blackheads like other acne.


Rosacea is a common skin disease found in people, the causes are still not clearly known. The presence of a certain bacteria on the skin is responsible for development of rosacea. There is a popular belief that people who blush a lot are more prone to this skin condition.

A lot of exposure to the sun may also lead to rosacea skin disease. People who engage in excessive alcohol consumption and spicy food are also prone to it. Stress, fear, anxiety etc can sometimes cause this skin disorder.


The most common symptom of rosacea is flushing. The face of the person grows red and looks like a sun burn case. The infected person may also see some red bumps and cysts on the face.
Rosacea is mostly a mild disorder, but if it aggravates you may also see tiny blood vessels below the skin. This condition is known as ‘telangiectasia’. A severe condition of rosacea can affect the nose, the nose size may enlarge and the cheeks may become puffy. Sometimes a person may develop eye problems like conjunctivitis. A person may feel itching, burning, dryness in the eyes. Usually rosacea is not painful or itchy but if severe then an individual may experience a burning sensation in the affected areas of the skin.


Rosacea is a type of acne but it doesn’t go way completely, as in case of acne. However there are several treatments that help in lessening its affect.

A skin specialist will most likely prescribe oral antibiotics like amoxicillin, tetracycline, monocyline and doxycycline. Some people may be advised to apply topical creams to reduce skin inflammation and also avoid using harsh soaps but instead use of skin sensitive cleaners is recommended.

If the condition is very severe, the doctor may advise the patient to in for a laser treatment. Every person is recommended a different treatment according to his or her skin type and the respective condition. The treatment may not fully eliminate this problem but it helps in controlling it from getting worse.

Never take any medicine or use any cream without consulting your doctor, any wrong medicine can make the face condition worse.

Other than the medications suggested by the doctor the affected person can take proper skin care. Protect the skin from sun damages by applying sunscreen before going out. Some home based natural treatments like apple cider vinegar can also help in treating rosacea . Herbs like licorice are also used to treat this problem.

It’s very important if you wash your face regularly to keep it clean and also protect it from rosacea skin infection.



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