Simple Rosacea Cure


Revitol Rosacea CreamRosacea is a skin disorder, which is caused by inflammation and a characterized red sores and small pustules especially in the face. The disorder is often mistaken for other skin disorders such as eczema. Rosacea patients always experience a lot of intermittent flare-ups symptoms, although the disorder gets worse as time goes. Generally, there is no cure for Rosacea, but there is a variety of treatments available control the inflammation symptoms. The following are ways of relieving the Rosacea skin disorder.


There are several topical medications for Rosacea cure. They are available for both orally or can be applied direct onto the skin. Topical cream medication contains benzyl peroxide, azelaic acid and metronidazole and is used to avert the skin inflammation and redness. Effective oral medications are the Isotretinoin and erythromycin. They prevent the production of the sebaceous oils, which is typically best for those who are not responsive to other treatments.

Use Soothing Skin Products

It is also possible that the use of facial cleansers such as disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium lauryl sulfate and other skin care products containing chamomile, rose or hazel can best soothe the skin. Rosacea patients can wash up cold water and use soft sponges and cleansers to avoid abrasive effects on the skin. Patients will find it as the best Rosacea cures.

Change of the diet

Several Rosacea societies all over the world have compiled several foods that when eaten can trigger off the Rosacea skin disorder. They include spicy, starchy and sugary foods, alcoholic beverages and hot drinks. These foods should be avoided at all cost and instead, vegetables, fresh fruits and cold-water fish should be eaten instead.


In some cases, permanent skin redness may occur due to the enlarged blood vessels and the excess build-up of tissues especially within the nose area. This can be treated through a laser surgery and electro-surgery. According to several skin organizations, these surgeries are very safe and effective way to cure Rosacea and also improve the quality of the skin. These methods reduce the skin redness and decrease the blood vessel appearance, therefore, making the skin redness less aesthetically damaging and tolerable.

Lifestyle treatments

There are a lot of lifestyle changes that can be considered as the best Rosacea cure or keep the symptoms on check. This includes avoiding the excessive use of the skin products which contains alcohol. Additionally, skin irritation is caused by excessive exposure to the sun, wind and cold for a long time. Measures should be undertaken to avoid such excessive exposure. When the skin is exposed to the sun, it is wise to apply sunscreen with SPF factor below 16 in order to prevent the adverse effects of the sun. Conversely, a scarf or a ski mask should be worn in case of windy and cold condition. On the other hand, makeup of yellow or green tints can help to counter the redness of the skin which is associated with Rosacea.

Alternative Medicine

Another alternative Rosacea treatment is the use of emu oil and colloidal silver which have been considered as the possible Rosacea treatments. Unfortunately, no proof so far has been conducted to test whether they are really effective or not. It is, therefore, recommended that the patient should consult a doctor or a dermatologist before beginning as an alternative treatment.


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