The Most Effective Ways of Curing Rosacea


rosaceaRosacea is an unflattering skin condition that leads to the emergence of reddish pimples all over your skin. These pimples are visible on your chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. They may even swell up and develop into sores. At this point, it will seem as though you have developed acne. How to cure rosacea has always been a problem for many people.

As unflattering as it may be, rosacea like most diseases has a cure. In other words, there are acceptable ways to restore your skin to its original condition. They may not be easy but they are worthwhile. You will have to choose which way is particularly suitable for you since the right cure depends on how mild or severe your condition is. You should make this choice in consultation with your skin specialist. How to cure rosacea should not be a decision you make without expert help.

Here are the four most effective ways of treating rosacea

You can use rosacea-clearing creams such as Metronidazole

These creams may also come in form of a gel. Apply such creams or gels at least twice in a day. They are effective in reducing the size of any red lumps or spots on your skin. The best thing about these creams is that they have no known side effects. You can therefore use them without having to worry about any allergic reactions. Be patient since it will be a month or so before you being to see actual results.

You can use Azelaic Acid

This is not an acid in liquid form as the name suggests. It actually exists in powder form. You can safely apply the powder on the affected skin surface. Its main disadvantage is that it has certain side effects. These side effects include dry skin, burning sensations and skin irritation. It will also take some time to work so be patient and the results will be worthwhile.

You can try out antibiotics

Antibiotics help to reduce the inflammations on your skin. In so doing antibiotics reduce the redness appearance of your pimples. They also reduce the overall number of pimples on your skin as well. You can apply these antibiotics on your skin directly in form of a cream or you can take them orally in form of tablets. You can even apply the cream and take the tablets simultaneously just as long as you do not become excessive with your treatments.

Oral antibiotics are very helpful in cases where rosacea has affected your eyes. Antibiotic treatment of rosacea is a bit more effective than the other ways mentioned above. It usually takes three to four weeks for the results of this treatment to become visible on your skin.

You can also try out Pulsed Light Treatment

It is the most expensive way of curing rosacea. A tiny light beam will aimed at the blood vessels responsible for the swellings on the skin. This light beam will damage these blood vessels thereby reducing the size of the swellings. This treatment also changes your skin’s matrix giving your skin better support.

As you can see, how to cure rosacea is simple and relatively inexpensive except for the Pulsed Light Treatment. You should not make a decision on how to cure rosacea alone. Consult your skin specialist and together you will choose the best way from among the alternatives explained above.


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