Things you should know about rosacea

One thing that every woman craves to be a proud owner of is a beautiful flawless skin. Every woman tries out all kinds of remedies to make the skin look beautiful and full of glow. However, there are a few skin diseases that end up damaging the skin very badly. One such disease is Rosacea that causes huge chunks patch marks and inflammations on the central parts of the skin.

The areas that get affected the most are the cheeks, rose and the chin. If one fine morning you see that your skin has turned exceptionally red and the dark pigmentation does not seem to go easily, you know you are in trouble with your skin.

Apart from the bright pigmentation marks, there are sufficient other indications as well. If you see pimples, lines acnes and other bumpy projections coming out of your skin, then your skin is surely suffering from Rosacea.

However, at this point one must remember that the acne and the Rosacea are totally different conditions and they should not be confused with one another. Although the symptoms of both the skin problems are similar, they are completely different diseases.

One thing that is absolutely unique about this disease is that it occurs only to a specific age group. The age group of 30 to 50 years is most susceptible to this skin problem. Both men and women should be alert as this skin disease appears in both of them. However it is more frequently observed in women. Detailed researches have shown that a few particular types of food and beverage also trigger this kind of skin problem.

Also certain medical circumstances, emotional crisis and other factors that affect Rosacea to develop. Sometimes if you are changing climatic zones very frequently and once you are in extreme cold weather and another time in excessive hot conditions, your skin is bound to get effected by Rosacea.

What triggers rosacea?

Humid or rainy weather also triggers this skin problem to develop.

Over indulgence in fancy food like chocolate, cheese, yogurt and other spicy products often lead to the development of Rosacea.

Spinach, which is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables to consume also, causes Rosacea to some extent.

Apart from solid food there is also certain beverage that causes this major skin problem to arise. These include consumption of alcohol, beer, and wine, especially red wine and most importantly hot chocolate.

The symptoms for these various foods and drinks are not the same. However the fact that consumption of these foods and beverages would inevitably lead to the development of Rosacea is confirmed. One of the best ways to know more about Rosacea is to keep track of it through a journal. Also keep a note of all the kinds of food or beverage you eat and other factors like the climatic changes you face.

You will see that by keeping a track record you have been able to find out a pattern as to what causes Rosacea and what does not. Interestingly, till date nobody has been able to pin point any particular cause of this skin disease. Some say that our genes play an important role here. If you have a history of Rosacea in your family you will end up suffering from the problem as well.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Rosacea involves the visibility of redness, blood cells and the flushing nature of the skin. It is perhaps for this reason sometimes the improper functioning of the vascular system is blamed.

Also the nervous system might be a cause as the improper functioning of this system leads to nervous breakdowns and emotional stress. However the best way to detect the cause is to take professional help. If you have Rosacea visit a doctor. He would be the best person to help you. For starters you must remember that there has to be massive changes in your lifestyle if you want to get rid of this skin disease.

Diet Tips for Rosacea

As we have observed, diet often plays an important role in the development of Rosacea. There are certain things that you must consume and certain things that has to be avoided in order to win your battle against Rosacea.

There are a number of foods that reduce the chances of the appearance of symptoms of this skin disease. Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and seeds in your diet. These elements secrete a kind of enzyme in your body which is highly effective in reducing the chances of appearance of Rosacea on your skin.

Try to incorporate a glass of vegetable juice in your diet this will help you immensely to detoxify your body and will reduce the chances of appearance of this skin disease. Further the juices are a very good source of nutrients and minerals that blend directly in to your body providing you with nutrients.

However the biggest trouble comes here. If you are suffering from Rosacea, you cannot include any kind of meat product inside your diet. All kinds of meats have to be avoided. Although this becomes a little bit difficult in terms of practice, you must remember that anything worthwhile requires a lot of sacrifice.

Any kind of animal product including the meat has to be religiously avoided because these food products secrete a kind of acid. This acid often leads to inflammation and flushing in the skin. At the most you can consume meat only once a week. Avoid consuming food products like cheese, chocolate, all kinds of spicy food and other alcoholic drinks.

At this point it must be mentioned that the effect of a food on the health of a particular person is completely unique. You may be extremely susceptible to cheese while somebody else might be absolutely fine with it. Therefore, find out what is causing Rosacea in your case. For this you need to keep a watch on your diet very closely.

It is not only the foods that have been mentioned earlier that causes Rosacea. The drinks that cause Rosacea are also very important to make a note of. There are certain drinks that must be avoided if you are trying to get rid of Rosacea.

Here is a list of drinks that are very fatal for your skin as far as Rosacea is concerned.

• Alcohol- most of the discussions that deal with fight against Rosacea do include alcohol. However none of them give a detailed discussion regarding the effects of the same. For some people the effects of alcohol are so fatal that a single peg leads to the development of Rosacea symptoms. Of all the drinks, red wine seems to have the worst effects followed by beer, white wine and champagne. Among the alcoholic drinks that contain spirits, the worst seems to be the ones mostly consumed by females. The vodka seems to be the worst one followed by tequila, rum and bourbon. Surprisingly, it has been observed that a dash of Scotch whisky is least harmful as far as Rosacea is concerned.

• Sodas-It is not only alcohol but also sodas that have an adverse effect on your skin.

A particular kind of chemical used to sweeten the soft drinks, called aspartame, is also highly harmful for Rosacea. This chemical is extremely harmful because it breaks down into other harmful chemicals inside the stomach like methanol and formaldehyde. So you can understand that consumption of soda is not only harmful for the skin but also for other parts of the body.

• Milk-all discussions related to health have always proclaimed the fact that milk is the best liquid to consume for the health. However as far as Rosacea is concerned, milk is harmful. Milk when consumed produces a sugar molecule or glycan into the body. In response our body produces an anti glycan which is touted as a major trigger for Rosacea.