Treatment for Rosacea


Facial problems are common to people with sensitive or oily skin. Dealing with facial problems is not that easy most especially if you don’t know how to treat it. Treating facial problems could be expensive enough if the condition is worse. It is important that you provide yourself for an early facial treatment so that you won’t be having bigger and expensive problems in the future.

Acne rosacea is one of the common facial problems in women between ages 30 – 60 years old and the condition is not known until proper diagnosis is made and treatment for rosacea is done. It is a skin disease that is somehow related to acne. This condition is common to women who have a fair skin and those that blush easily. Genetics, stress, alcohol and sun exposure are the causes of rosacea. Conditions vary from mild to moderate and to severe. That is why it is important that you go to your dermatologist so proper treatment will be made at once. So, how do you know if you are suffering from acne rosacea?

Below are the signs and symptoms of Acne Rosacea:

• itchy eyes, dry, red eyes
• red areas on the problem areas of the face like cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose
• watery eyes
• thick skin on red areas of the face
• blemishes

If you come to experience these symptoms, then you are probably suffering from acne rosacea. If these happen, do not hesitate to go to your dermatologist so that proper treatment will be given to you. It is important that you seek proper medical treatment to ensure that your condition will get better and not come to the point wherein it is hard for treatment to be done. The common treatments for this condition are topical creams. It is important that you know the cream that you will use to ensure that your condition will forever be gone. Treating rosacea may take a lot of time but with the right treatment given no problem will be encountered. Below are the creams that you can use in the treatment for acne rosacea:

• Topical metronidazole. This is the most popular treatment for rosacea ever since. It generally reduces the inflammation of the face and as well as make a good treatment for bacterial infections. Brands like metrogel, acea, anabact, rozex, and zyomet are the best creams in treating acne rosacea. Dealing with the side effects of this cream is manageable than taking oral antibiotics.

• Finacea gel. This gel is said to be more effective in reducing the inflammation and the redness of the face. It contains azelaic acid which is made from barley, wheat, and rye.

There is actually no cure for acne rosacea. Creams are only there to manage and control the condition so it won’t get any worse. It is important that seeking an appointment with your dermatologist is the first thing that you should do before you make any move to buy or choose any of these creams available. Treating facial problems should be done in the right away to avoid any problems that you will face in the future.


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