Should You Use Lemon Juice To Help With Your Rosacea?


rosaceaRosacea is a skin condition that can make life a little difficult for those that have it. It can make your face red and make the person feel very uncomfortable. In some cases it can really affect the eyes and the nose.

It usually does appear on the chin, neck and cheeks. There can be swelling, bumps and it might even look like acne to some people. It can make your eyes water and make your vision blurry.

If you are one that has trouble with your eyes it might be a good idea to put a warm washcloth over them for several minutes everyday. It is also important to always carry sunglasses with you. That way if it gets to bright you will have something to help with that.

The cause of Rosacea is mostly unknown. Some think it might be genetic and others believe there are certain triggers that might have caused it. One day we will hopefully know for sure and when we do it will be easier to treat. They might be able to get rid of it once and for all if that is the case.

Most people who suffer from it are between the ages of 30-50. About 1 in every 20 Americans have it. It is most likely that you or someone you know is trying to deal with it.In a lot of cases it might just seem that someone is always blushing.

antibioticAlthough there is no cure for it, it can easily be controlled with different methods. You can always use a type of antibiotic either in cream or oral form.

There are also some more natural methods to try. Lemon juice is one of them. It is important to talk to your doctor if you are not sure what your treatment options are.

They can tell you what would work best and what would be safe. They are also the ones that have to prescribe the antibiotic. One way to use lemon juice with Rosacea is to apply it on your skin before bed. This way it has a chance to work overnight. Many people have had success with this method.

The lemon can make your skin more acidic. This can help with your Rosacea and help your skin get back to its normal color. You need to make sure you do not overuse the lemon or that might end up hurting your skin in the end.

With anything, you want to use your best judgement when it comes to what you should apply to your face. Lemon juice can work for a lot of people but in the end it might not work for you. It is best to try it on just a small part of your skin the first time you use it.

fresh lemonYou can decide to buy lemon juice in a bottle or make your own from fresh lemons. Making your own is your best bet but either one will work.

Using an organic lemon can really make the whole thing 100% natural. If you do start to use lemon juice and it doesn’t work, you should try something else.

It might just be that it won’t work on your skin like it should. You just need to find the right method that works for you. If the lemon juice does work, keep applying a little each day. Remember again not to put too much on at once. Just enough to see a difference.

You can tell your friends that also might be suffering from Rosacea what works for you. They might want to try it themselves. They might not have ever heard of that method. If you don’t know anyone else with Rosacea, you can also share what you have done in an online forum. There are a lot of people out there looking for answers and hearing from someone who has actually tried it would be best.

If the lemon juice does work, it would be a good idea to make sure you always have some in your home. You don’t want to run out and find out your face is going back to what it used to look like. If you are going on vacation, make plans to either bring some with you or have some available to you.

RosaceaLiving with Rosacea can be frustrating. It can hurt your self-esteem and people with it can be made fun of. It can be hard to even want to look at yourself in the mirror.

Try not to worry what other people think and work on finding methods that can help.

Using the lemon juice or other natural method can really go a long way in making you feel better. When you start to see your face less red, it can give you more confidence and that is a good thing.


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