Using Apple Cider Vinegar Toner To Treat Rosacea


rosacea_lower_faceRosacea is an embarrassing, often uncomfortable skin disorder. The prognosis is good, but involves a lifelong battle to keep the red, itchy bumps that are prevalent with the disorder under control. Rosacea affects areas of the face, nose and even the eyes, making it hard to conceal.

As much as a patient wants to try to cure rosacea, as well as keep it under control, a patient also wants to keep the symptoms that appear in full view in disguise. Many sufferers go to great lengths to find the right lotions and face makeup to hide the appearance of rosacea.

There are treatments available that help a person bring the redness and itching under control. There are also skin cleansers and lotions designed to help reduce redness available over the counter. However, even with these products together with prescriptions available from a dermatologist, a rosacea patient eventually learns that there is no real cure for the condition.

That is, a rosacea sufferer is led to believe there is no real cure for the condition when there is actually hope. That hope is found in a simple ingredient that is readily available and extremely affordable. This ingredient is all natural and non-toxic, too. It is apple cider vinegar or ACV for short.

apple-cider-vinegar-stock-largeWhile any rosacea patient must discuss treatment options with his or her doctor or dermatologist, there is promise in using apple cider vinegar as a skin toner. Since it is all natural, there is nothing to worry about as far as toxins or other chemicals are concerned. Patients should only attempt to use apple cider vinegar after discussing this form of treatment with their doctor.

It is a good idea to continue to do all that is best to keep the rosacea under control. For instance, avoid extreme sunlight, heat exposure, wind exposure, spicy foods and alcohol. These are common triggers for a rosacea outbreak. Also, a doctor is able to recommend if any medications being used should be discontinued during the apple cider vinegar trial.

Apple cider vinegar has a high acidic content. This is what is thought to attack the rosacea and eliminate the redness and bumps associated with it. ACV shows promise when used for other skin ailments such as warts and moles. It is powerful, but gentle on skin.

There are a few tips to follow when deciding to use ACV as a skin toner for rosacea. First, while it is readily available at grocery stores and druggists, it is best to purchase a pure form of the vinegar at a natural food or health food store. The apple cider vinegar appears cloudy and has sediment floating at the bottom, which does not look appealing any moreRevitol Rosacea Cream than it sounds.

It is this appearance that indicates it is a pure form of apple cider vinegar, which is less diluted than other types of ACV. Look for terms on the label like ‘raw’ or ‘organic’. The sediment seen in the bottle is actually the enzymes that are important to taking care of wiping out the rosacea.

To use the apple cider vinegar as a skin toner, either apply it full strength to a cotton ball and dab onto the skin on affected areas or place the ACV in a small spray bottle and lightly spritz the skin. Do not rinse the ACV off right away. Another option is to mix two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar with water and drink it two times a day.

This option is likely to take the longest to show any effect. In fact, consuming the ACV tonic takes approximately six weeks to a few months to show any benefits at all. However, since diet is important in keeping rosacea outbreaks to a minimum, this is a viable option for those patients who want to continue using their topical medications as back up until the desired results are achieved with the aid of the apple cider vinegar.

apples-fallingIt is possible to achieve success in reducing or eliminating rosacea breakouts with apple cider vinegar. Be patient. This natural alternative takes more time to work than topical, prescription creams or medicines. Each rosacea patient is different, and the condition varies from person to person in terms of severity.

Expect that with daily topical use the apple cider vinegar will clear the rosacea in a few weeks. The ingestion of the ACV as a tonic, in capsule format or in liquid format, can take a few months to clear. Be sure to discuss using the apple cider vinegar as a skin tonic with your dermatologist. The benefits of ACV are that using it leads to little, if any, side effects. It is economical and widely available, so it is easy to try as a method of clearing rosacea.


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