Using Juicing To Treat Rosacea – The Keys To Success


Principally affecting the face, rosacea is a skin inflammation condition that can steal a person’s confidence, wreck their mood and generally affect their life.

treatment for rosaceaIf you suffer from rosacea, or know someone who does, you no doubt are keen to know what medications or alternative therapies exist.

Indeed you are searching for something that could help to minimise rosacea and so in turn increase your confidence, riase your mood and help you to enjoy life.

Whilst there are many medications and therapies available that may successfully treat rosacea, this article will discuss whether juicing can offer relief from the symptoms of this skin inflammation condition.

Know The Triggers

Sufferers of rosacea know that there are triggers that will give them a break out instantly, these can vary from person to person. Indeed from a mug of hot chocolate to a spicy meal and from emotional upset to walking from a cold environment into a warm one, the triggers can be many and can vary significantly from one person to the next.

Being aware of both the typical triggers and your own personal triggers that can bring on a break out can do much to assist in using juicing to minimise a rosacea break out, rather than to trigger one!

This means that simply buying a juicer and throwing in all produce that tickles your fancy is not the cure to rosacea! In general additions like mint, chilli and cinnamon should never be used when juicing if trying to minimise rosacea.

Know Your Body

In simple terms a rosacea break out is the result of tiny little blood vessels breaking, generally in the face area. A trigger tends to cause these little vessels to have rapid expansion and subsequently pop.

It stands to reason then, that the stronger the blood vessel, the less chance of a ‘pop’. Therefore we can say that juicing can certainly help rosacea if the juice ingredients are known to improve blood vessel strength.

BBBs – The Blood Buddies

god skin careBlueberries, blackberries and bilberries should always be the key ingredients in a juice to fight rosacea. What is it about these berries that make them so special?

They contain anthocyanidins, in simple terms this works to build strength in the walls of the blood capillaries.

Whilst all three types of berries are worth their weight in gold when it comes to skin health, blueberries also contain a high level of various other plant chemicals like flavanol oligomers and chlorogenic, chemicals that have skin corrective properties and again are known to strengthen blood vessels.

Other Useful Juices

Whilst the BBBs work to strengthen and maintain healthy blood vessels, rosacea has also been linked to inadequate digestion. With this in mind the following two juices can also prove effective in treating rosacea.

Lemon Juice

Naturally alkaline, lemons are known for their cleansing properties, particularly in relation to the skin. Lemon is an easy ingredient to add to any juice and can give a great splash of citrus taste, whilst boasting excellent rosacea-fighting properties, in particular the ability to flush out acid waste from the digestive system.

JuicePineapple Juice

Foods that remain in the digestive system, only partly broken down, can wreck havoc within the system.

Pineapples contain an enzyme which especially works in the digestion of proteins. It stands to reason that with a healthier digestive system the body can often fight rosacea much better.

Indeed it seems obvious that juicing can help rosacea. However knowing the triggers, the body make up and the ingredients to use are the keys to success.


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