What are the best natural remedies for rosacea?

Pink cheeks and pink lips are considered the sign of beauty in the women all over the world. If there is no natural pink color in the cheeks, the women apply blush on to make their cheeks bloom. However there are also some people who got natural redness or pinkness in their skin that is more than others. Now you must be thinking that is it normal or not? So for your information, it is not normal instead it is a skin disorder named as rosacea. Around the globe, millions of people suffer from this skin problem. Actually this happens when the person stays in the sun or in the light for long hours and because of the over-sensitivity of the skin, reddish pustules are formed. These pustules are filled with pus sometimes and sometimes not but they are equally bad for the skin as they leave scars and make your condition more critical. Doctors advise the rosacea patients to grab their disorder in the early stage when they feel redness or swelling in smaller area of the skin. Unfortunately the people are not much aware and they only visit the doctors when they get pustules and swelling. It is a disorder which is also connected to inheritance. For instance, if your family is having this genetic disorder then you will be more prone to get this. Females seem to get this skin disease more as compared to the men.

There are proper treatments and medication to treat this problem. You can visit any good clinic or skin specialist to get your skin treated. There are also many tips and remedies which are natural and all of them are equally important for you if you feel like there is any such problem with you. You can follow them without any cost as the natural home remedies are very inexpensive as compared to the medical treatments and visits to the dermatologists. You can find the required items in your kitchen, in your refrigerator and use them to treat your rosacea. Some of the natural remedies which are suggested by the medical experts are discussed below:


First of all you must make sure that you are eating things that are suitable for a rosacea patient. Don’t eat too much oil in your diet as the oil glands in the skin already produce oil and if you are eating oil, this will definitely worsen the condition. More vegetables and more fiber can be very helpful for treating this problem. Doctors say that what you eat, you get on your skin. This is absolutely right so make sure you are drinking water up-to 10 glasses per day and maintaining a proper oil-free diet.

Emu oil:

You may have heard about the Emu fat. It is a natural moisturizer and because of the amazingly inflammatory properties of this natural product, its oil is used to treat the scars and pustules of rosacea. People who don’t have such skin problem can also use this oil as the healing properties of this oil make your skin smooth and improve the complexion.


Acne can be treated by applying chamomile to your face in the form of a tea. You can boil it in tea and then apply on your face when it becomes cool. The miraculous properties of the chamomile make your skin spot-free as well as rosacea-free in some days.


Oatmeal is famous for its use in the beauty products. This is an anti-allergic product which has no side effects to the skin. Even if you have a sensitive skin, you can apply oatmeal to your face after mixing it with rose water for best effects. Brides in the ancient civilizations used to rub their bodies with oatmeal because of the proteins and polysaccharides present in the product. This is the best and easiest way to control acne of any type.


It is proved that all natural products have the miraculous properties of treating the skin disorders. Just take the example of the lavender. The oil of lavender is used in worlds most expensive and famous beauty products. You can apply lavender oil to your face directly with the help of warm towel. The warmth of the towel can open the pores of your skin and the lavender oil can be absorbed in your skin. So this is the best way to moisturize your rosacea allergic skin. You can also add other oils to the lavender oil and use the mixture as well.

Always wear sunscreen:

Your skin expert may have told you that your sunscreen is very important to wear whenever you go outside. Even when the weather is cloudy and in winters, there are still the harmful rays of the sun which can worsen the rosacea symptoms and your redness can increase. Always select a quality sunscreen and use it when you go out of your home. Use umbrella if necessary.

Olive oil:

The olives are the edibles that complete your healthy diet. You cannot imagine a diet which is complete without the olives. Whether it is any salad, any dish or any sweet, you must use olives in your diet. The olives are best for health and the oil of olives is best for skin. If you are prone to the skin infections and you are getting rosacea, you must try olive oil. You can add almond oil and lavender oil to the mixture and use this mixture as well. Just warm this mixture a little and then apply to your face.

Vitamin B:

Adding the food products in your diet which are rich in vitamin B is the best thing you can do to your infectious skin. You must read the ingredients written at the back flap of your rosacea medicines and creams suggested by the doctor. You will find out that the vitamin B is the essential ingredient in all of them. So try to add the foods which contain more vitamins and proteins.

Egg whites:

You have often heard your granny emphasizing on the importance of egg white for the beauty of your skin. Nowadays women don’t have time for such home-made products for skin. But the reality lies in the fact that more you avoid using natural products, more your skin will get infected. Egg white can be applied to the skin for closing the pores so it controls oil glands of your skin. Eventually the rosacea symptoms are lessened.

There are many more remedies that can be used for treatment of rosacea. You must not take stress and don’t over-work when you are suffering from this skin disorder. However if the conditions worsen, you must consult a good skin specialist so that before any more complication, you treat your skin well.